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Outdoor beds: what are they? How to choose the right model for you?

Outdoor beds

Whether on a terrace, in a garden or on a veranda: whatever outdoor space you have available, inserting outdoor beds is a good idea to carve out a relaxing corner outdoors and to furnish the environment in an original way.

What are the distinguishing features of outdoor beds?

Outdoor beds are the perfect solution for creating an oasis of relaxation and comfort in the outdoor spaces of your home. Specially designed to withstand the weather and outdoor conditions, these beds are ideal for gardens, terraces and gazebos, and offer a cosy and comfortable space in which to stretch out and enjoy the beauty of nature or simply take a break from the daily hustle and bustle.

Outdoor beds are able to adapt to different needs and satisfy various requirements. Depending on one’s preferences, for example, they can be used as a surface on which to stretch out to read a book in the open air, as a sun lounger or as an outdoor mattress on which to rest a while surrounded by nature.

In addition to being comfortable and functional, this outdoor furniture also has considerable decorative power and is available in a wide range of styles, materials and colours. Regardless of the furnishing style you adopt, you can find the perfect bed to complete your outdoor furniture. To further customise the bed, cushions, decorative fabrics or blankets can be added, making the atmosphere even more cosy and inviting.

Durability is another key aspect when it comes to outdoor beds. Thanks to a frame made of weather-resistant materials such as aluminium, rattan or treated wood, this furniture retains its beauty over time and is not damaged by exposure to sun, wind and rain.

Despite their sturdy construction, outdoor beds are easy to handle and can be moved with ease. In fact, many models are equipped with wheels or handles, which make it easy to transport them from one spot to another in the garden or terrace, allowing them to be moved easily to follow the sun or to change the way the space is furnished.

Outdoor beds

What should one pay attention to when choosing an outdoor bed?

The material from which the outdoor bed is made is one of the first elements to consider when making the right choice. Given the special characteristics of outdoor spaces, it is essential to check that the beds are made of weather-resistant materials, such as the aforementioned aluminium, steel, rattan or treated wood.

Practicality and ease of assembly are certainly two other factors to consider. It is preferable to choose a bed that is easy to assemble and disassemble, perhaps with intuitive assembly mechanisms, i.e. requiring no special tools.

The mattress structure  is another important feature to consider. Outdoor beds can be equipped with one-piece mattresses or with reclining elements, which allow the slope of the back or legs to be adjusted for greater comfort while relaxing.

The height of the bed is also a parameter that can make a difference and significantly affect the comfort of the product. Choosing a mattress that is high enough means having a comfortable seat that does not cause back pain. This is very important, especially if you intend to spend prolonged time on the bed.

For even more comfort, consider buying a lounger that is equipped with a sun cover. This accessory allows you to protect yourself from direct daylight and enjoy relaxing outdoors even on the hottest and sunniest days.

Outdoor beds

How to furnish the home outdoors with an outdoor bed?

Furnishing with an outdoor bed can succeed in transforming the spaces outside the home into true relaxation and wellness corners.

When the time comes to plan the furnishing of the outdoor area, it is a good idea to assess the available space and identify the best location for the bed.

Depending on the layout of the outdoor area, one can opt to place a single sunbed in the centre of the room to create an attractive focal point, or place several outdoor beds to create a large relaxation area. Of course, the choice depends on the size of the environment: gardens and pool areas offer the greatest possibilities for outdoor customisation.

As far as design is concerned, you can choose unusual shapes, such as round or oval outdoor beds, which are perfect for adding a touch of originality and modernity to the outdoor environment, or you can opt for a more traditional model, which is ideal if you want to focus more on the elegance of the lines and materials.

The outdoor bed can truly be the protagonist of the outdoor furniture, essentially becoming the focal point around which to organise all the other elements of the furnishings, such as the armchairs, benches, chairs and tables. Alternatively, it can be chosen to integrate harmoniously with the other furniture and accessories present in the outdoor space, creating an environment that is coherent and well-balanced.

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