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Essentiality, space, brightness – why choose an open wardrobe system in a modern design

open wardrobe system

What is an open wardrobe system?

Ordered, in view, if possible placed all together so as to have an overall view at a single glance, or transformed into a furnishing accessory in its own right, capable of giving an extra touch to the room, as much or more than a piece of furniture: these are the new declinations of the wardrobe if instead of the classic wardrobe you opt for an open wardrobe system, a declination of wardrobe that is very popular in more modern contexts,

Having an open wardrobe system basically means putting a wardrobe without doors in your room (usually a bedroom cabinet, but as always in interior design nothing is compulsory). There are several reasons for this option, both space-related, functional and finally aesthetic.

The origin of a doorless wardrobe: from shops to bedrooms

Let’s start with the fact that a wardrobe without doors allows all the clothes, accessories and shoes in it to be seen. Originally, it was only used in shops and boutiques, where the goods had to be in view, and was later declined for bedrooms. Clothes and jackets are increasingly becoming items to be displayed, think of the popular trend of open walk-in wardrobes. Obviously, this is a solution that is good for those who are tidy!

A space-saving solution that accentuates brightness

An open wardrobe system, with the same ‘surface area’ on the shelves, takes up less space than a classic wardrobe. It is not necessary to have those extra centimetres, sometimes even many, to open hinged doors or the depth to fit sliding doors. It is therefore suitable for small spaces, but not only. Even in a large room it can be an interesting and extremely designable addition.

Another advantage of a wardrobe constructed in this way is that it helps to brighten up the room. In fact, light passes through the structure consisting only of shelves without doors, which it could not do if they were present, and is therefore an excellent solution for rooms with little light.

open wardrobe system

Modularity in the open wardrobe system: widespread but not mandatory

It recalls the minimalism of modern furnishing, and is therefore perfect for rooms with a contemporary, essential interior design. Due to the absence of doors and the structure composed of shelves, it gives a lighter feeling than a closed wardrobe, even with the same material and size.

Many solutions see a modular open wardrobe system, consisting of a series of shelves all of the same size. In this way it is possible to adapt the wardrobe to any size, both in height and width, but for rooms with special dimensions, a made-to-measure solution can be used. Although this is the case in most cases, it is not mandatory to opt for a modular construction. Those who wish can in fact opt for spaces of different widths and heights, both for practical reasons (hanging jackets, for example, or arranging spaces for different types of accessories, perhaps shoes or ties), and for design, thus giving movement to the composition, which will become extremely original and less static. Closed drawers or shelves can also be provided to hold objects other than clothes.

open wardrobe system

Colours and materials for a wardrobe with an open system

With regard to material and colours, you have absolute freedom when it comes to an open wardrobe system. Like the wardrobe, the main material is definitely wood. Since it is a piece of furniture especially suitable for modern contexts, it is better to choose a light, lacquered one. Metal is also excellent. As part of a minimalist design, the lines are essential and there are no excessive decorations, although every detail is taken care of.

If you wish to have an open wardrobe but prefer not to do without doors to protect it from dust, glass panels can be fitted, creating an open wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe.

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