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Narrow tables: what do they look like? How to choose the right type for your kitchen or living room?

Narrow tables

Narrow tables are an ingenious and versatile solution for furnishing the home and are especially useful when you have special needs, for a question of space or because of interior design decisions made.

In particular, this furniture can be the perfect choice for those who have to furnish small rooms, for example, but can also become an interesting alternative to classic consoles. Let us see why.


Why use narrow tables in interior design projects?

In order to understand how best to use narrow tables in the furnishing of one’s home, it is essential to bear in mind what the fundamental characteristics of such furniture are and what advantages can be derived from its use.

In the first instance, it must be considered that narrow tables are able to adapt perfectly to small spaces. In rooms where space is at a premium, such as narrow corridors or narrow entrances, this furniture offers an elegant and functional furnishing solution.

Placed against the wall, narrow tables not only take up very little space thanks to their limited depth, but can also add a touch of originality and style to the room.

In addition to responding to functional needs, therefore, narrower tables can also satisfy simple aesthetic needs and thus become the right tool to give more personality to a bare corner of the house or an area that is difficult to enhance.

Another aspect to consider is the versatility of these furnishing objects, which can be placed in various contexts of the home and perform several functions at the same time. Those who need extra storage space can use these types of tables to organise decorative objects such as vases or frames, but also books, magazines and pocket empties.

Narrow tables


In which spaces in the home can narrow tables be placed?

Narrow tables can find a place in different rooms in the home and offer creative and practical solutions for modern and functional furniture.

In the entrance hall, a narrow table can become the focal point of the space and give an original and cosy look to the area. Positioned under a mirror, for example, it gives the area a cosy and functional atmosphere. The tabletop becomes the perfect place to put keys and mail.

In the kitchen, one can appreciate the practicality of a narrow table by using it as an extension of the work area or as an additional table to be used when there are guests.

In the lounge and living room, a narrow table can be a functional and space-saving decorative element. Depending on how the room is structured, it can accommodate a reading lamp, vases or small works of art.

A narrow table can also be placed in the bedroom. Design models can even be used as bedside tables. A shallow model with drawers or shelves can be a perfect space-saving solution to keep everyday objects in order that would otherwise end up scattered around the room, such as books, glasses and cosmetics.

Narrow tables are also very convenient on the balcony or terrace, but also in the garden. Just place a narrow table in combination with a couple of stools to carve out a space in which to eat breakfast outdoors, for example.

Regardless of the specifics of the room, narrow tables are a great way to optimise space without sacrificing style. Thanks to their versatility and the many models available, you can experiment while searching for the perfect position and style for your home.

Narrow tables

How to choose the right narrow table?

To find the ideal narrow table, it is useful to start by considering the size and depth of the space to be furnished. Those who need to furnish a very small room can consider, in addition to standard-sized narrow tables, extendable models . These pieces of furniture allow the surface to be extended when necessary, providing extra space for guests or for specific activities.

As far as materials are concerned, most tables are made of wood. Those who wish to give their home an elegant and exclusive look can consider purchasing tables made of precious woods, such as walnut or cherry. Models made of wood and metal , on the other hand, can give a more modern look to the room without sacrificing elegance. To achieve a more original aesthetic result, you can play with the finishes: the effect of the lacquer or varnish can have a strong influence on the final result.

The style of the table should also not be underestimated. Models in fine wood and with clean lines are perfect for more classic environments, while if you prefer a rustic style, you can choose handcrafted narrow tables with natural surfaces. Narrow tables made of light wood and with a minimal design, on the other hand, are the perfect addition to a Nordic interior.

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