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The modern wooden closet: a guide to the choice for any type of furniture

modern wooden closet

A modern wooden closet stands out for its clean lines and the sober look it gives to the bedroom, giving it an elegant and simple atmosphere.

Such a model of closet is suitable not only in the bedroom, but also in other spaces of the house such as the basement or corridors. Thanks to essential lines and a capacious structure, in fact, a modern wooden closet is an excellent ally in all cases where there is a need to make the most of space.

How to choose the most suitable modern wooden closet?

Usually, you choose to furnish the room with a modern wooden closet when you have chosen a contemporary and minimalist style of furniture. The tendency to simplify the lines of furniture is now established in furniture trends.Designers and interior designers can choose from many different solutions. Among them, they can identify the best one to furnish the spaces of the house.

Modern wooden closets have a modular structure that can be composed freely, based on the storage needs and the size of the room to be furnished. You can add or combine modules, to make a project tailored in every detail.

Also from the point of view of materials and finishes, the possibilities of choice have multiplied in recent years. The possibilities range from solid wood to coated wood panels, with the possibility of having a wooden closet that maintains its natural color. Or a closet that can be painted in any shade of color.

When choosing a wooden closet with a modern design, it is very important to evaluate the quality of the material with which it is made. In order to have a piece of furniture that lasts over time and maintains its elegant look even after several years, it is preferable to choose a closet made of a resistant and durable wood essence. An oak closet, for example, is a good idea for those who prefer light-colored furniture. On the other hand, teak or walnut are perfect options for those who prefer dark-colored woods, able to bring into the room a wooden closet that creates a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere.

Enrich the decor with wooden closets that are modern and have a curated and customizable aesthetic

Once you have identified the desired characteristics of the wood, it is time to move on to evaluate the different aesthetic elements of the closet. The structure and composition of the modules is decisive in defining the final look of the room, whether it is the bedroom or the modern wooden closet is placed in another part of the house.

In the bedroom, you need to make sure that the aesthetics of the furniture is consistent with that of the bed frame and bedside tables. A modern closet made of wood also plays an important role in defining the brightness of the room. In a dimly lit room, in fact, inserting a closet in light wood or with mirrored panels helps to amplify the light and can make the room appear visually larger and more spacious.

The opening system of the doors is an aspect of the structure that affects both the functionality of the furniture and its aesthetic appearance. In modern furniture solutions, we often tend to prefer sliding doors or a system of doors with groove opening. In both cases, the result is a modern closet with a smooth wooden surface, which gives a sense of linearity and order.

Clean and tidy lines also in the interiors of closets

Even in the interior organization, modern wooden closets offer many modular and custom-made solutions. Thanks to the possibility of adding exactly the modules you need, you can make the most of all the space available and effectively organize the wardrobe.

For the components and internal accessories of the closet, you can decide to use the same material used in the main structure or opt for more original solutions. For example, manufacturers of modern wooden closets offer furniture that integrates elements of wood and glass. Or even modules made of wood and metal. The use of alternative materials than wood can be useful to ensure that the closet is consistent with a specific style of furniture, but also adds functionality to the modern furniture. Using glass shelves, for example, allows you to look at the contents of drawers or trays at a glance, while the use of metal ensures a very high durability and strength of accessories.

What can we say in closing of this guide of ours? Resort to a modern wooden closet is a good solution whenever there is a need to furnish a space in the house with a piece of furniture that is at the same time elegant, with a good storage capacity and customizable structure.

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