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The modern wall-hung living room furniture: the best tips to help you make your choice

The modern wall-hung living room furniture: the best tips to help you make your choice

The modern suspended living room furniture is one of the great protagonists of contemporary furniture. The trend towards clean lines and free surfaces has led designers to “lift” furniture off the floor. In the living room, this translates into wall-anchored furniture with a minimal and modular design that allows multiple configurations.

Reasons for choosing modern wall-hung living room furniture

The growing trend towards minimalism is probably one of the reasons behind the success of wall-hung living room furniture. But it is not the only reason, nor the most important one. In many cases, whoever chooses wall-hung furniture for the living area does so in order to take advantage of the great adaptability of these solutions.

It is precisely the modularity that is the real strength of wall-hung living room furniture. Unlike traditional furniture, with a standard shape and resting on the floor, suspended furniture is composed of independent elements that can be installed in various ways, depending on the width of the wall and space requirements. It is furniture with contemporary and essential lines, with open modules that can be used as bookcases and shelves, or with modules closed by hinged doors or a pressure opening system.

The various components of the furniture can be fixed at different heights to create a functional and harmonious composition. Thanks to their versatility, suspended furniture can blend in perfectly with the rest of the furniture. A frequent solution is to use modern wall-hung living room furniture in combination with a television. In this configuration, the furniture components are distributed around the TV, providing space for storing DVDs, books, vinyl, photos or other decorative items.

The modern wall-hung living room furniture: the best tips to help you make your choice

A space-saving choice that can be very convenient

Wall-mounting your living room furniture can significantly lighten the look of the room. Often the use of a piece of furniture of this type allows you to concentrate the furnishings on a single wall, leaving the rest of the space free. Having a larger portion of free walls on one side and having the floor free of clutter on the other side immediately gives a sense of airiness to the room. This effect is particularly noticeable in dimly lit living rooms. Especially if you choose light-coloured floors or furniture, you will immediately notice an improvement in the brightness of the space, making it more welcoming and elegant.

The fact that the furniture is not placed on the floor also makes cleaning easier, both routine and extraordinary. Suspended furniture saves time and is more efficient, because there is no need to move the furniture or watch out for edges and corners. Suspended furniture is also perfect for those who use robot hoovers for their daily cleaning: the robot is then free to clean the entire floor and does not encounter obstacles in its path.

The modern wall-hung living room furniture: the best tips to help you make your choice

Tips for choosing suspended living room furniture

Versatile, modular, adaptable: wall-hung furniture is the most convenient solution for anyone furnishing a modern living room. The furnishing possibilities are potentially endless, thanks to the possibility of freely composing the furniture, choosing the number, shape, colours and size of each component.

Thanks to their characteristics, wall-hung furniture can fit into any type of living room, from the living corners of one and two-room flats to the large rooms of lofts and villas.

While in the case of traditional furniture the available space is a constraint to be taken into due consideration, in the case of wall-hung furniture it is the balance of the composition and the use of colours that count the most to achieve a perfect result.

Knowing how to dose the colours used for floors, walls and furniture becomes essential to achieve the result of fusion with the surrounding environment that is possible with the use of suspended furniture. Ensuring a good contrast between the tones used for the walls and the furniture is essential. In the case of white walls you can be daring with a piece of furniture in dark wood or black, while a white piece of furniture with dedicated lighting will stand out best on a coloured wall.

Lighting is also important to ensure that the living room furniture does not go unnoticed. Depending on the composition chosen, you can opt for spot lighting from above or below, using an energy-efficient LED system.

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