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A modern suspended bookcase is the right solution for every need

Modern hanging bookcase – also a design element. Not only for books…

A modern suspended bookcase allows you to have a bookcase in your living room or bedroom which is both useful and a design element, and which can also give a special touch to the room. In fact, the modern suspended bookcase is an adaptable and customisable piece of furniture,

In fact, you can create your own modern suspended bookcase by choosing its shape, characteristics and materials, so that you can insert it in your environment in a practical and design-oriented way. A bookcase continues to fascinate everyone, even if you are not a book lover. It is a furnishing accessory capable of discreetly filling a wall, where you can place not only books but also objects and knick-knacks, often in a studied order that becomes furniture itself.

Modular and customisable, everyone has their own modern suspended bookcase

Forget about the old and imposing bookcase, even if it is still ideal in some environments: a modern suspended bookcase occupies only the space you want to allocate to it, it is light and not bulky. Your modern wall-hung bookcase hangs on the wall and does not necessarily touch the floor, so it does not take up an entire wall as it used to. For example, it can be placed on top of the TV set or integrated into it.

The solutions are truly endless when choosing a modern wall-hung bookcase. And most of the models are modular and customisable, so that it can be shaped according to the room it is intended for. So start with the space you want to allocate for your modern wall-hung bookcase and create it from scratch. And beware, it is not only suitable for purely modern environments, but, thanks to the variety of materials, shapes and colours, it fits perfectly into any room.

Materials and styles for your modern wall-hung bookcase

There are many materials with which to create your modern wall-hung bookcase. The classic one is solid wood, even if it is not very light: its merit is that it lasts over time and with the infinite possible colours it can be used in many rooms. For urban and contemporary spaces metal is perfect, a material that embodies the concept of modernity, suitable for a light and attractive suspended bookcase. For those with a very minimal style, a modern suspended bookcase in glass could be a good choice, certainly elegant. Of course, it must be taken into account that it must be cleaned very carefully, because opaque glass is not attractive to look at and nullifies the qualities of the material.

Vertical or horizontal suspended bookcase? Geometric or round?

You can also literally indulge your imagination when it comes to shapes. A modern suspended bookcase can be first of all geometric, therefore playing with square or rectangular shapes, or even round. Obviously, the effect with the round is very special and must be placed in the right environment.

A modern suspended bookcase with regular shapes can be a shelving system, similar to the classic ones, or, a solution suitable for large open spaces, a double-sided one: in this case, it will act not only as a bookcase but also as a divider. If, on the other hand, the flat is small, to optimise space, a modern suspended corner bookcase is an attractive design solution.

The modern bookcase can be developed horizontally or vertically, depending on the space available. This last idea is excellent when you only want to furnish a piece of wall, perhaps next to a sofa, with books and magazines within reach of those relaxing on it.

The best advantage of a modern suspended bookcase is that it is modular and can be adapted to any environment. Shapes, colours, materials: the solutions are endless. If once upon a time bookcases were imposing and had to be one of the central elements of the room, now they can be dynamically inserted in one’s own living room or bedroom, dedicating to them the desired importance and space.

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