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Modern pendant lights for the living room: a guide to choosing them so you don’t go wrong

Modern pendant lights for the living room

In the living area of homes furnished in a contemporary style, it is quite common to find modern hanging lamps for the living room. This solution is particularly appreciated for its versatility and because it allows you to precisely illuminate an area of the room, usually the one where the dining table is positioned.

Apart from the more immediate and obvious ones, there are many other benefits to using a modern pendant light, and they should be considered carefully when you are furnishing your home.

What are the distinguishing features of modern pendant lights?

Modern chandeliers are characterised by a greater variety of styles and designs than in the past. Over the course of time, the materials used to make designer pendant luminaires have increased and the options for furnishing them have also multiplied.

Alongside the perhaps better known crystal or glass pendant lamps with a central metal structure, pendant lamps with fabric, paper or modern plastic shades are appearing. As far as lines are concerned, the most evident trends include the use of geometric shapes, particularly in chandeliers designed for homes furnished in a minimal or industrial style, or the inclusion of rounded elements, a choice which represents an excellent solution to balance the angularity and rigour of contemporary style furniture.

Generally speaking, the pendant lamps used in modern living rooms have a more essential structure than the more conspicuous traditional lamps. This quest for minimalism broadens the possibilities of furnishing and allows these chandeliers to be placed in halls and living areas furnished according to the rules of various contemporary furnishing styles.

Where is it best to place the chandelier?

The general rule is that the pendant lamp should be placed above the dining table. This solution allows to offer a good level of lighting in the area of the room which is supposed to be used most often.

Usually, the table is placed in a fairly central point in the living room, thus ensuring good illumination of the whole room. But what if the table is off-centre or the room has an irregular shape?

In order to find the right modern pendant light for the living room, it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the room and define, even in broad terms, the flow of people within the living room. The size of the chandelier, however, should be proportional to the size of the room.

In addition to the size of the room, it is important to consider the height of the room in order to determine how far the cable supporting the chandelier should reach.

The light intensity is indirectly linked to the position of the chandelier. Often, warm light tends to be preferred for the living room as it creates a more relaxing and welcoming environment. When choosing a pendant lamp, you should always consider the final effect: combining a warm light with a fabric-covered or coloured glass chandelier may not be the best solution to adequately light your living room. Therefore, it is important to pay the utmost attention and to be followed by a real interior design expert.

Some tips to follow when choosing modern pendant lights for your living room

One of the priorities in modern interior design is to ensure high levels of efficiency and energy saving. For this reason, modern pendant lights are also preferred to use LED lights or smart systems, which regulate the amount and temperature of light according to the time of day.

Home automation and the use of home assistants are also changing the choice of furnishings, favouring the spread of connected chandeliers, which increase the comfort of those in the home.

In particularly large living rooms, such as a loft or a flat with an open-plan living area, one chandelier may not be enough to light the entire space. In such a situation, you might decide to have several light sources, with the pendant lamp as the main element, and wall lamps, floor lamps or other light points providing spot lighting in other areas of the living room.

If the living room is open to other areas of the house, the relationship between the chandelier in the living room and the chandeliers in the neighbouring rooms must also be considered. There are several solutions available: you could opt for chandeliers with a similar style, you could identify a common thread that links all the various models or, finally, you could choose to furnish each room independently. In any case, as we have already mentioned, it is a good idea to have an interior designer who is truly competent in the field help you choose the best and most suitable modern hanging lamp for your living room.

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