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The modern metal bookcase: how to choose the right one for your home?

modern metal bookcase

Choosing a modern metal bookcase for your home means having a piece of furniture that is both versatile and contemporary. In particular, the solidity of metal is often balanced by essential structures and the use of other materials.

The many solutions available allow you to easily find the most suitable configuration for your home and offer multiple advantages, which you can enjoy every day with your family members. Let’s now try to better understand the possible alternatives for this important object of furniture.

Why choose a metal bookcase in modern style?

The bookcase is increasingly the protagonist of the furniture. From a piece of furniture in which to contain only books, it is slowly turning into a versatile piece of furniture that conquers the scene in the environment in which it is inserted.

A modern metal bookcase can easily find space in different rooms of the house. If the living room is, together with the study, the room in which it is more usual to find a bookcase, there are also proposals that see the bookcases present in the bedroom, in the hallway and even in basements and entrances.

The models with metal structure are able to adapt very well to different spaces of the house. Thanks to their essential but sturdy structure, they can contain books and objects of various kinds and are at the same time resistant and long-lasting.

There are many different models of modern metal bookcases: some replicate the classic shelving, while others take advantage of the solidity of metal to offer bookcases with a more essential structure. The most contemporary solutions focus on modularity and design. Oblique lines, asymmetrical structures or irregular shapes are quite common in design models, freestanding or to be fixed to the wall.

Those who prefer more practical solutions could also consider furnishing their home with a modern metal bookcase that is equipped with wheels. That is, with a piece of furniture that can be easily moved from one point to another in the house.

What rooms of the house can be furnished with a modern metal bookcase?

Contemporary style metal bookcases are more versatile and practical than those made of wood. This is primarily valid for bookcases that feature a structure constructed entirely of metal – usually this is steel or wrought iron. However, it is also valid for bookcases that are designed with a metal frame and components and are made of other materials, such as wood, glass or modern plastics.

The characteristics of metal mean that these modern bookcases can resist moisture or sun exposure well. Thus, the bookcases will be able to enrich the living and sleeping areas of the house and, why not, even the outdoors.

The models made entirely of metal with an open structure are an excellent solution for not weighing down too much the decor of rooms that already have several pieces of furniture. On the other hand, they are also ideal for furnishing large open-plan spaces and can be placed near a large window, without hindering the entry of light.

When looking for the right bookcase model, you need to take into account the many different structures available. In addition to the traditional bookcases resting on the floor and to be placed on the wall, you could consider a suspended bookcase or a column bookcase. The materials used also influence the choice process and give the furniture a contemporary, original or minimal look. Each solution has its pros and cons and the choice should be made on the basis of the evaluation of the type of environment, the storage needs and the desired furnishing style. In short: the choice of a modern metal bookcase should be made considering a whole series of parameters.

Harmony is the key to a successful decor that passes (also) from a modern metal bookcase

The furnishing style chosen for the house is the starting point to identify which type of modern metal bookcase ideally completes the home decor.

Metal bookcases fit just as well in homes furnished in a Nordic and contemporary style as in those with an industrial style. For the former, bookcases with an essential structure are recommended, perhaps completed with colored plastic shelves, while for the latter, wrought iron bookcases with raw wood elements are excellent.

Modern bookcases are multifunctional pieces of furniture that are not limited to housing books. Among the shelves and compartments of the bookcase, you can display photographs, drawings, souvenirs, small houseplants and other items. You may also decide to furnish the living room with a bookcase unit with integrated TV compartment. In general, these solutions are modular and modular furniture, which can be organized rather freely. However, it is necessary to take into account the size of the wall and preferences in the arrangement of the various components.

In conclusion, whatever model you choose for the modern metal bookcase, it is important to consider the harmony between the furniture and the rest of the decor. For example, the bookcase can also be seen as the fulcrum around which to obtain a space dedicated to reading and relaxing, enriched by armchairs, desks, small tables and designer lamps.

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