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Modern luxury double beds: a guide to choosing for your room’s needs

The search for essentiality is a well-established trend in interior design. This trend towards furniture with clean lines and a pure look has also involved bedroom furniture, revolutionising the way in which beds are designed.

Compared to the past, modern luxury double beds have a different design, which makes simplicity its strong point. Let’s understand together why this statement is so true.

What do modern luxury double beds look like?

Modern double beds differ from classic ones both in their design and in the materials they are made of. Over the years, the lines of the furniture that decorates the house and in particular the bedroom have become simpler. In the case of beds, the decorations have disappeared and the structure has been streamlined.

Nowadays, luxury double beds have a simple design, characterised by a strong use of geometric lines. These can be square lines or furniture with a more sinuous profile, but still with a design that aims at essentiality.

As far as materials are concerned, if in the past the luxury double bed was made almost exclusively of solid wood, today the brands’ proposals also include beds in metal or modern plastics. The headboard is one of the elements that has changed the most in the transition from classic to modern beds. From imposing headboards, made of wood or padded, there has been a move towards unobtrusive headboards, perfectly integrated into the main structure of the bed and with a design in continuity with that of the rest of the room.

The simplicity of modern luxury double beds is accompanied by equally essential and minimal furniture. The textiles, carpets and accessories are responsible for decorating and personalising the bedroom space.

The advantages of choosing a modern luxury double bed

Among the furnishing objectives of those who choose to furnish their bedroom with a modern double bed, there are undoubtedly practicality and simplicity in the organisation of domestic life. The modern models of luxury double beds respond perfectly to these requirements, providing furniture with aesthetically clean lines and capable of blending harmoniously with the general atmosphere of the environment.

High-end modern beds can satisfy those looking for practical solutions, offering simple and functional structures. Designer beds that integrate bedside tables are an example of a modern solution that simplifies the organisation of domestic space. Similarly, storage beds are an effective and practical way to optimise space.

When designing modern luxury double beds, brands are increasingly taking into account the values of sustainability. In contemporary furniture, it becomes essential to choose furniture made from recyclable and possibly recycled materials. The wood used for the most luxurious modern double beds often comes from certified forests and undergoes environmentally friendly treatments. For upholstered structures, fabric covers are used, which are easily removable and replaceable, or synthetic leather.

Solutions to consider for your modern luxury double bed

The modern double bed is the fulcrum around which the entire bedroom furniture moves. The model you choose should be considered in relation to the rest of the furniture and accessories in the room.

If there are wardrobes and chests of drawers in the room, the bed frame can be made of the same material and in the same colours as the other furniture. Alternatively, you can make a more original choice by choosing a bed in different colours and finishes. If there is a walk-in wardrobe in the house, on the other hand, the bed becomes the absolute protagonist of the room. In this case, there are fewer constraints that influence the choice.

Manufacturers of high-end modern double beds offer models that are very different from each other. Between four-poster beds, floor-standing beds and suspended beds, numerous alternatives can be considered. Then, with the help of an interior designer, you can find the best solution for your home. For example, in addition to beds with a wooden frame, you can consider beds made of wrought iron, aluminium or other metals, or designer beds made of plastic.

The colour of the bed is another important aspect to consider. Consistent with the search for essential and clean lines, most of the proposals of modern luxury double beds have light colours and neutral tones, which fit well in environments furnished in a Nordic and contemporary style. However, don’t forget the more original proposals, which use coloured fabrics and covers to create beds that are practical, comfortable and capable of livening up the atmosphere of the room.)

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