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Modern kitchens with marble top: how to make the right choice?

Modern kitchens with marble top

Modern kitchens with marble top are a wonderful example of how you can successfully combine classic and contemporary taste. Marble is in fact one of the typical materials of kitchens furnished in a traditional way.

If in classic kitchens the presence of marble often takes a back seat, dominated by the grandeur of wood, in modern kitchens this material can become the central element of the kitchen.

What are the benefits of modern kitchens with marble worktops?

Marble is one of the most elegant and valuable materials that you can include in a kitchen. Marble countertops are appreciated first of all for their aesthetic appearance, but also because they guarantee a high degree of hygiene. And then because they are pleasant to the touch.

Marble kitchen tops are available in various finishes: usually the choice is between polished and honed stone and matt stone. The difference is essentially aesthetic and should be made taking into account the appearance that the kitchen furniture will have.

The color of the stone and the intensity of the veining for your modern kitchen with marble top must be chosen carefully. That is, it is necessary to look for a point of balance that brings out the role of the raw material and, at the same time, ensures a good harmony with the furniture.

Those who love light colors can choose the very elegant Carrara marble, white and with barely noticeable veins, or a Calacatta marble, with golden, gray or green veins. Those who want a worktop that stands out can instead choose a marble with intense colors: the choice is between red marbles veined with white, brown marbles and black marbles, with white or gold veins.

Those who are thinking of designing a modern kitchen with marble countertops should also consider that this material is porous and delicate and is subject to staining, especially when it comes into repeated contact with water, moisture and greasy substances. Therefore, the choice of marble countertops should be made carefully and it is preferable to request that, as a preventive measure, protective treatments be done on the stone.

What to consider when designing modern kitchens with marble countertops

The list of the merits of marble is quite long, as we have just seen. For this reason, you may want to consider using marble for other elements of the kitchen as well, not just for the countertop. This choice is ideal especially if you are designing a modern kitchen with an island or peninsula. In these cases, you can use marble to cover one or more sides of the element, creating a visual coherence between the main body of the kitchen and the island.

An alternative that enhances both the role of marble and the aesthetics of the modern kitchen furniture is to use the same marble for the countertops and the floor of the kitchen. Also in this case, the final result is the aesthetic harmony between the different components of the furniture.

The choice of the color of marble deserves a special in-depth study. The color plays a decisive role in the appearance of the kitchen, but also has practical implications. What does it mean? It’s easy to say. For example, opting for a dark marble helps camouflage any stains or scratches. The color of the marble also influences the perception of the space. From this point of view, dark colors tend to make people perceive rooms as smaller, while, on the contrary, light colors make the room appear larger and more spacious. In short: modern kitchens with marble countertops are absolutely unique pieces of furniture, and require specific attention from designers.

How to best furnish a modern kitchen with marble tops

The decor of modern kitchens is both elegant and functional. Choosing to include marble countertops reflects the trend that focuses on the use of natural materials to give a special touch to the house.

Thanks to the versatility of modern kitchens, it is possible to design such furniture in rooms of all shapes and sizes. In large open-plan kitchens and spacious kitchens, you can play with the colors and make contrasting choices between the shades of the furniture and those of the marble.

A solution that always works very well is the one that focuses on the contrast between white and black: the clean and elegant lines of white furniture, perhaps with a glossy finish, are enhanced by the elegance of black marble. On the contrary, black furniture stands out the most when contrasted with white marble worktops.

If you don’t like such stark contrasts, you can also opt for less extreme choices. The variety of marbles available in nature and the endless possibilities offered by modern interior design make it easy to find a custom, made-to-measure solution to furnish your kitchen to the fullest. This makes modern kitchens with marble countertops ideal for furnishing a large number of homes, giving a refined touch of originality.

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