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Modern kitchens with corner

Modern corner kitchens are the furniture solution you rely on when you need to furnish a space with designer furniture that is still functional and practical.

This is a configuration that is so versatile that it can find space in any environment, from studios to lofts. The success of modern kitchens with a corner structure lies both in the simplicity with which they adapt to different spaces and in the functionality of the kitchen itself.

Why choose a modern kitchen with a corner?

The benefits offered by modern style corner kitchens are different and manifest themselves both in the design phase and in everyday use. A first aspect to be considered concerns the possibility of installing a complete and functional kitchen without upsetting the structure of the room. The angular configuration in fact allows you to take advantage of the systems already present in the environment, making minimal and non-invasive changes.

The ease with which you can organize the space between the sink, worktop and hob is another element in favor of modern kitchens with a corner. In fact, being able to concentrate the three basic functions of a kitchen in a small space increases the functionality of the environment and allows you to prepare food more quickly and efficiently. 

Thanks to the use of modular or custom models, it is possible to install a modern kitchen with a corner even in tight spaces. This solution is great for studio and one-bedroom apartments, but also for second homes or kitchens installed in spaces such as the rustic, garden or attic of a villa.

The corner configuration also proves to be a great choice for the main kitchen of the house. You can get beautiful design solutions both in closed kitchens and in open-plan spaces that overlook the living room or lounge.

How to best organize the space in modern kitchens with a corner?

In a modern kitchen with a corner, the furniture and worktops are distributed along two walls of the room and can occupy more or less space depending on the characteristics of the room. In kitchens where the furniture is concentrated in a few square meters, you can insert shelves, paneling, drawers and hidden compartments. These are furniture elements that provide extra space and also allow you to make the most of corners.

If the layout of the kitchen allows it, you can choose to consider the corner between the two walls as the fulcrum around which to organize the spaces. A good solution is to install the hob in the corner. This configuration allows you to optimize the space and provides great freedom of movement. Similarly, you can decide to install the sink in the corner of the kitchen. Or you can decide to create a large worktop.

In kitchens with a window, you can design a custom solution with a corner arrangement of furniture and installation of the sink under the window. In this case, the wall with the window can be used for washing and cooking food, while the other wall can accommodate the worktop and storage furniture.

When designing a spacious kitchen, you can adopt original solutions with the help of islands and peninsulas. The modern kitchen with a corner can extend on one side, thanks to a peninsula that serves as a space for breakfast, or it can be enriched by a central island, which acts as a bit of an appendix to the wall kitchen.

How you can make the most of your modern kitchen with a corner

Modern kitchens with a corner have a linear design, the furniture is essential and often proposed in light colors. To enhance their clean lines, it is useful to include colorful details and elements and a well-designed lighting system.

The temperature and position of the lights should also be chosen according to the materials selected for the furniture, kitchen countertops and cabinet finishes. In modern kitchens, it is usual to find innovative materials, such as technical ceramics, stoneware or materials made from a mix of stone, cement and resins. The lighting should then be able to bring out the material and matte finishes or shine the smooth surfaces of glossy finishes.

Insert, in modern kitchens with a corner, a luxury carpet is another idea. This simple and effective solution manages to enhance the elegance of the furniture and give a little color to the room. If the kitchen is equipped with an island or peninsula, you can also insert designer stools, which will have the task of livening up the atmosphere and, at the same time, provide comfortable seats, which can be used during the daily use of the environment.

Versatile, comfortable and with an elegance that captures the attention, modern kitchens with corner are a solution to keep in mind every time you have to furnish a kitchen with the aim of creating a space that is refined and functional.

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