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Modern kitchens suspended from the floor: how to make the best furniture choice for your home

Modern kitchens suspended from the floor

Designing modern kitchens suspended from the floor is one of the most evident recent trends in interior design. In fact, this furnishing solution is considered avant-garde and particularly suitable for those who love the contemporary furnishing style and are not afraid to make bold and unusual choices for their home.

An arrangement of this type can enhance the decor of the kitchen and can turn the room where food is prepared into the centerpiece of the decor. But let’s see specifically when the installation of a suspended kitchen is indicated.

Modern kitchens suspended from the floor: the perfect balance between design and functionality

There is no doubt that the element that most strikes the attention when talking about modern kitchens suspended from the ground is the aesthetics of this solution. In fact, suspended kitchens appear raised from the floor and have an image that is clearly different from that of traditional kitchens. The fact that the furniture is fixed to the walls and suspended conveys an idea of cleanliness and lightness, which further enhances the contemporary nature of this option.

When designing the kitchen, you can decide to install in a position raised from the ground all the elements of the kitchen itself. Or you can decide to raise only some of the bases and columns. The choice may be based on aesthetic reasons, related to the appearance and visual balance of the installation, or it may be related to the structure of the room. The fact that the weight of the furniture is discharged on the walls, in whole or in part, requires a careful study of the characteristics of the suspended kitchen, in order to have the security of a safe and resistant fixing.

To make the suspended structure of the kitchen stand out even more, you can design a similar solution in other rooms of the house. You can install, for example, a modern suspended console at the entrance. Or you can choose to furnish the living room with suspended furniture.

What are the benefits of a modern kitchen suspended from the floor?

The positive aspects of modern kitchens suspended from the ground are different and can be appreciated on the aesthetic level and functionality related to daily use.

From the aesthetic point of view, the suspended kitchen has a clean and neat line, which becomes even more evident when you choose furniture with a minimal and contemporary style. Deciding to install a suspended kitchen is also a trick to visually lighten the presence of so many pieces of furniture inside a large kitchen.

From a practical point of view, a modern kitchen suspended from the floor is ergonomic and extremely easy to clean. The different work areas are organized in an orderly manner, possibly even with the support of island and peninsula. On the other hand, the presence of several drawers and storage units allows you to arrange in a functional way all the objects useful for food preparation.

With the same measures, in suspended kitchens there is less storage space than in a kitchen with furniture resting on the ground. Kitchen manufacturers have remedied this shortcoming by designing clever solutions, such as retractable drawers or pull-out shelves, which provide all the necessary space.

Cleanliness and hygiene are key in any kitchen. Compared to standard configurations, kitchens suspended from the floor simplify cleaning tasks, allow for deep hygiene of furniture and floors. In this way, kitchens are certainly safer to use. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the ergonomics of this solution. Having the furniture suspended from the floor helps you have a more natural posture and reduces the risk of tripping or hurting yourself in case you hit the furniture while you are walking.

How to choose the colors and finishes of modern kitchens suspended from the floor?

The color chosen for the furniture and the finishes of the external panels has a strong influence on the final look of the kitchen. If you wish to have an airy and bright kitchen, the advice is to go for light colored furniture: a modern kitchen suspended from the floor in white with a glossy finish enhances the natural light to the maximum, but also a modern kitchen in light wood can be a good solution to have a cozy, bright and functional room.

If you want a kitchen with a design that stands out, you can focus on the classic contrast between black and white. Or you can choose furniture with bold colors, such as red, deep blue or even fluorescent colors.

Modern furniture, even kitchen furniture, is often proposed with glossy finishes, which enhance the straight and clean lines of contemporary design. For modern kitchens suspended from the floor, you can also choose panels with a matte finish or, even better, a textured finish. In addition to the texture and details of the kitchen panels, the lighting should also be carefully designed. Having diffuse or punctual lights that integrate with the furniture helps to emphasize the design of the kitchen and enhances the choice of suspended configuration.

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