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Modern kitchens in natural oak: a guide to the choice

Loving modern kitchens does not necessarily mean preferring innovative materials and looking for a cool-looking furniture. In this sense, modern kitchens in natural oak are an example of how contemporary and traditional can coexist perfectly.

These kitchens are loved mainly for their natural look and for the warm and elegant atmosphere they can give to the environment. Let’s go now to discover them in detail.

The main features of a modern kitchen in natural oak

Modern kitchens in natural oak exploit all the qualities of this wood, which has several advantages both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Oak is indeed a resistant and durable wood, but also easy to work. For this reason, it is often used in interior design in furniture construction or flooring.

The low maintenance required and the ease of cleaning are valid reasons why it is worth considering oak wood as a protagonist element of the furniture of your kitchen, even modern. Oak is a wood that resists moisture, heat and temperature changes well and is therefore ideal for the kitchen environment where food is prepared.

Among the strong points of oak there is its coloration: the color of the wood tends to be light – and tends to get lighter as the years go by – with shades tending to yellow and gold. Depending on the part of the tree from which the wood is obtained and on the variety of oak, you can have panels with barely noticeable grains or with more evident grains. If you want the design of your modern kitchen in natural oak to enhance the natural and rustic look of the wood, you can also opt for knotty oak furniture.

Modern kitchens in natural oak are loved by users and interior designers also because of the ability of wood to adapt to different stylistic nuances. Contemporary style oak kitchens can take on a rustic, minimalist or contemporary character depending on the details that characterize the wood and the accessories that enrich the kitchen.

In all cases, natural oak furniture can guarantee a coherent and balanced result, allowing all buyers to express exactly their aesthetic taste.

To which modern kitchens is natural oak suitable?

Natural oak, as we have seen, is one of the most versatile woods that can be used for modern kitchens. The light and warm color of the wood offers many design possibilities and allows you to create modern kitchens with various configurations.

Kitchens with linear or corner layouts are the simplest and most traditional solutions and are best suited to small spaces where the focus is on functionality. In larger kitchens you can design more freely, experimenting with alternative configurations such as suspended kitchens or kitchens with island and peninsula.

The choice between one configuration and another depends not only on the amount of space available, but also on the character you want to give to the space. If the design of the modern kitchen in natural oak aims at simplicity and essentiality, the linear configuration is the best. In this case, the role of protagonist is left to the wood, proposed in finishes that enhance its natural appearance. In projects that instead focus on design, without compromising the functionality of the kitchen, you can insert an island or a peninsula or arrange the furniture in an original way, with a T shape. Or you can decide to insert modules raised from the ground.

Modern kitchens in natural oak that focus on design

The natural and classic look of wooden furniture can be balanced with the use of unusual materials and design elements that strongly emphasize the more modern and contemporary sides of the kitchen.

A simple but effective solution involves the use of dark furniture elements proposed in contrast to the natural finish oak wood. You can opt for black worktops, for example, or for columns or shelves that bring out the light tone of the wood.

In modern kitchens in natural oak that want to convey a more playful and informal atmosphere, you can instead insert elements in pastel or bright colors, which dampen the traditional elegance of the wood. Again, you can alternate the use of wood panels with glass or crystal elements.

More generally, we can say that the aesthetic appearance of a modern kitchen in natural oak also depends a lot on the material chosen for the worktop. If you go for natural materials such as marble, granite or ceramic, you end up reinforcing the more traditional sides of the design, while inserting worktops made of steel or technical materials conveys a greater sensitivity towards more contemporary furniture solutions.

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