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From technology to materials, some modern kitchens ideas on how best to choose

modern kitchens ideas

the demands placed on modern kitchens

The kitchen is certainly one of the most complex rooms to furnish. In fact, the increasingly fast-paced life we live requires that we have everything at our disposal in a few moves, in order to be able to cook while optimising time. At the same time, due to lack of time, we opt for having a lot of provisions that last for a long time and need to be stored away, requiring an organisational and functional effort, but we do not want to give up a space that is pleasant to look at and that can welcome family and guests. To find your winning formula, here is a series of modern kitchens ideas.

From hob to table, some modern kitchens ideas for using the island

A modern kitchen is usually a modern kitchen in terms of materials, colours, appliances and the arrangement of the various work points. In particular, if in the classical conception the entire room was built symmetrically around the hob, now we often aim to have the magic triangle between it, the sink and the refrigerator.

In modern kitchens you can have the linear form, the island solution is also very popular, whether it is lateral, i.e. leaning against a wall in a corner solution or as a fluid partition in a large open space, or central. It is a fluid way of organising the kitchen, which goes well with the modern concept of multifunctionality and dynamism. On the counter you can place the hob or a table or a snack top.

The importance of the technological aspect in a modern kitchen

modern kitchens ideas

A fundamental tip for those looking for modern kitchens ideas is not to underestimate or neglect the technological aspect. In fact, modern kitchen furniture rhymes with state-of-the-art appliances, with a high energy class, capable of optimising consumption and respecting the environment, while guaranteeing high performance without neglecting design. They are modern and state-of-the-art and can often be managed remotely and integrated into the home automation network. Examples are plates, ovens or dishwashers that can be controlled from a mobile phone, the phantom tap, concealed hoods (essential if we are talking about an open space).

Steel, Fenix, laminates or even wood, how many modern kitchens ideas for materials

If technology and the rational and practical organisation of the entire room are fundamental, materials are no less so. Some modern kitchens ideas are to realise one’s kitchen using what until recently was considered par excellence the material of chefs’ premises, steel, which has a long list of characteristics, from being easy to clean and very hygienic to not altering flavours and not releasing substances into food.

Fenix, invented specifically for kitchens, laminates, hi-tech solutions such as Corian, titanium, dekton are also excellent solutions. Wood might appear characteristic of more classic designs, but especially if treated and lacquered in a modern way, it is truly timeless and suitable for every style. They are, with good reason given the aesthetic effect they create, insertions and combinations of the above materials with marble, glass or quartz, for a touch of timeless elegance.

modern kitchens ideas

Rational and minimalist, for shapes in modern kitchens go for essentiality

As far as shapes are concerned, these kitchens require extreme simplification and rationalisation, with clean, essential lines. Minimalism dominates! Modern kitchens ideas include the fact that cabinets that do not have handles are preferred, but work with the push-pull system or use grooves. And don’t forget that crockery, provisions and utensils should not be visible.

What colour ideas for modern kitchens?

Those who want modern kitchens ideas often do not know what colour to opt for. One-colour or two-colour choices are preferred, whether one prefers a neutral hue, which is so trendy in the modern world, or one with a strong personality, such as red. White is timeless, those who love black can include it, taking care not to make it heavy. One last note, take care of the lighting.

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