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Modern kitchen with fireplace: how to decorate it properly?

Modern kitchen with fireplace

Over time, the fireplace has evolved from an essential element, used for heating the home and cooking, to a purely decorative element. In a modern kitchen, the fireplace gives the room personality and conveys an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

This trend is conquering more and more people everywhere. But how do you furnish a modern kitchen with fireplace? Follow the advice we are going to give you: it comes from our long experience as interior decorators and will allow you not to make any wrong choices.

How to furnish a modern kitchen with fireplace?

The fireplace, whether it is an element already present in a house in need of renovation or whether you specifically choose to insert it, instead of being relegated to the sidelines in the kitchen, now becomes an integral part of the furnishing project.

To understand how to furnish a modern kitchen and enhance its fireplace, it is useful to consider how the presence of a fireplace relates to the imagined arrangement of the furniture. If the fireplace is located on the opposite side of the room where the furniture will be installed, some expedient should be adopted to make the heating system stand out and create an aesthetic link with the rest of the kitchen. On the other hand, if the fireplace is located in the wall adjacent to the one where the furniture is installed, it will be sufficient to ensure that there is a certain continuity between the various elements.

A further point to think about is the style you want to give the kitchen. When recovering an old brick fireplace with a rather rustic style, the first thought might be to keep it as it is. However, if you have chosen to give your kitchen an industrial or minimalist feel, it is important to also standardise the appearance of the fireplace. This is to give an impression of overall consistency to the room.

Using the same material for the fireplace cladding as for the kitchen worktops is a simple but effective idea. This ensures that the look of the kitchen and the fireplace are well connected.

Three ideas for making the most of a fireplace in the kitchen

When renovating your home, you can build your kitchen furniture design around the presence of a wood-burning fireplace. This furnishing element can have both a decorative and a functional purpose, since it can be used to heat the room and to cook in the cold months.

While in the past fireplaces were placed about half a metre above the ground, modern solutions allow the base of the fireplace to be installed at the same height as the worktop. A configuration of this type, with a fireplace built into a kitchen column, allows the various elements of the furniture to be organised in an orderly manner and could prove to be an excellent solution for creating a symmetrical decor. This is especially true if the oven is installed in a mirror-image manner in a second kitchen column.

In ultra-modern and minimalist style kitchens, you may also decide to insert a bioethanol fireplace. This is a heating system with a purely aesthetic function and many possible uses. You can decide to install this type of solution inside an island, for example, or at the end of a T- or L-shaped kitchen. These are all interesting ideas that contribute to a modern kitchen with fireplace that is both functional and beautiful.

For every kitchen its ideal fireplace…

Modern kitchens are often larger in size than the kitchens of yesteryear. This difference makes it possible to install kitchen models with an island or corner kitchen models. In both cases, the furniture ends up visually occupying a large portion of the room. The presence of the fireplace should also be integrated aesthetically, using the same materials chosen for the kitchen.

Those who have chosen to give their kitchen a rustic look, opting, for example, for the presence of masonry elements, can play with materials and colours to make the fireplace the co-star of the space. One can decide to maintain the retro look of the old fireplace in the house. Or you can install a new heating system and purposely give it a look reminiscent of the old fireplaces in country houses.

A corner fireplace, open on two sides, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for a large open-plan kitchen. The fireplace can mark the boundary between the living area and the corridor leading to the sleeping area of the house. Or it can have the task of marking the difference between the area where food is prepared and the area where one eats or relaxes.

To avoid making obvious mistakes when furnishing a modern kitchen with fireplace, it is useful to start with the materials to be used and the configuration to be given to the fireplace itself. If for the first aspect the choice is roughly between natural stone and brick, for the second aspect the options to consider are more numerous. Between open, glass-enclosed, double-sided or pillar fireplaces and bioethanol fireplaces, everyone will be able to find the best solution to make their kitchen warm and cosy.

Do you have a modern kitchen with fireplace and are you thinking of furnishing it in the best possible way? If so, rely on those with decades of experience in interior design. It will be the right way to get the best result.

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