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When quality combines with elegance and functionality: modern Italian kitchens

 modern Italian kitchens

Why Made in Italy is liked in every room, including modern kitchens

Italian furniture is one of the most sought-after and appreciated at every latitude, thanks to the enormous quality it can guarantee in any piece of furniture or accessory. This is not a very precise trend, since the traits that characterise homes in the north, extremely modern and essential, are different from those in the south, closer to a Mediterranean style, or in the mountainous areas, warm and welcoming: the common denominator is quality. When you choose modern Italian kitchens, you are bringing home an ensemble that masterfully combines functionality and aesthetics.

Craftsmanship and tradition brought up to date: the winning trait of modern Italian kitchens

Materials of the highest quality, meticulous finishing touches and organisation are common to all the many prestigious brands that produce kitchens in Italy. What really differentiates them from those made in other countries, similarly to what happens when dealing with sofas or other furniture made in Italy, is the invaluable contribution of craftsmanship.

Think, for example, of Carrara marble or crystal rather than the carpentry workshops in Lombardy, where unique materials are uniquely and masterfully crafted by masters with a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Choosing kitchens designed and manufactured by an Italian company is therefore synonymous with betting on absolute quality in every detail! Although furniture of the highest quality is produced in every corner of the peninsula, for kitchens the Pesaro and Brianza areas are particularly noteworthy.

 modern Italian kitchens

From classic to modern, Italian kitchens are always popular

Italian kitchens are among the most sought-after in every style, from classic to rustic. And for the modern, the same is true: modern Italian kitchens, minimalist and with clean lines, are among the most sought-after, for the way they are able to uniquely meet the current needs of those who want an environment where they can cook with ease thanks to the best technologies on the market and where they can share time with guests and family.

Materials in modern Italian kitchens: quality comes first

Kitchens that follow the modern interior design made in Italy are, like those of every trend, characterised by materials of great value, destined to last over time and at the same time beautiful to look at and to live in.

They range from stainless steel, which from chef’s kitchens has now been cleared through customs also for domestic kitchens, to natural stone, such as the priceless Italian marble, to wood: nothing is left to chance, whatever the material chosen, in modern Italian kitchens you will have the top, crafted by artisans combining tradition and modernity. Particular emphasis is placed on customisation, to guarantee everyone a made-to-measure and unique solution.

Modern kitchens made in Italy are functional and beautiful, this is how

 modern Italian kitchens

The lines are extremely clean and minimalist without being at the expense of elegance, which is the common feature of all Made in Italy brands. Modern Italian kitchens are designed to be functional and organised, so they will use space-saving solutions, such as retractable pantries, to allow for the tidy storage of provisions and utensils, they will pay attention to ergonomics and will be equipped with the most modern appliances, integrated with each other and with home automation and with an elegant layout.

Like no other country, Italy in kitchens knows how to find the right compromise between practicality and beauty, without penalising either feature. If in the classic style, the emphasis was on decoration, in the modern style it is reduced to the essentials, but the careful finishing touches will create a fine ensemble down to the smallest detail.

Neutral colours are favoured in modern Italian kitchens

As far as colours are concerned, neutral colours are favoured in Italian modern kitchens, capable of creating a bright, harmonious and relaxed environment, making the kitchen not only functional but also welcoming. Whites, earth tones and greys are therefore popular, without excluding the inclusion of black if desired. 

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