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Modern hallway consoles: what are they? [Choice guide].

Modern hallway consoles

Today we are going to talk about modern hallway consoles. We are doing so because, in a house, furnishing the entrance area is often one of the most difficult challenges to be faced by interior designers.

In fact, the entrance hall must give a taste of the furnishing style present in the other rooms of the flat or villa, but it must also be functional and consistent with the domestic atmosphere. Modern entrance consoles come to the aid of those following the furnishing project, offering versatile and innovative solutions for furnishing this important space in the home.

The console table, a piece of furniture to be rediscovered

A console table is a small piece of furniture that performs many important functions. Placed at the entrance of the house, it gives an elegant look to the environment and becomes a functional piece of furniture that can be used for daily activities.

Typically, the console is used as a pocket emptier. That is, it becomes the place where people leave keys, correspondence and other small objects that are of daily use.

A console table is a piece of furniture which is usually placed against the wall next to the entrance door. It can be used as a simple shelf or, if it has doors, it can serve as a storage space and become a place to keep umbrellas, hats, scarves and coats.

In open-plan homes, the console table can also be used as a dividing element between the entrance area and the rest of the living area. In such an environment, consoles with open compartments work very well. These models are in a sense double-faced and tastefully decorate the room from any angle.

Modern hallway consoles tend to have an open design that allows easy access to shelves and compartments. There are also consoles that alternate open compartments with drawers and compartments protected by doors. Generally speaking, the style of the console table varies depending on the characteristics of the space to be furnished and the furnishing style chosen for the home.

Which modern entrance console table to choose for your home

When choosing the right console table for your home, there are several elements to consider. First of all, you have to take into account the style of the furniture and the colour of the walls and furniture, but also the materials in the house and the functions you want the console table to perform.

Modern entrance consoles are characterised by their elegant and minimalist appearance, but also by their often original design, which mixes several different materials. The choice of the colour of the console must be made carefully, evaluating all the colours in the house and, in particular, the colour of the wall closest to the furniture. If the walls are white or in neutral colours, the use of a dark coloured modern console table will stand out to the maximum. On the contrary, choosing dark colours for the walls will bring white consoles or consoles made with metal details to the fore.

When considering alternative models for entrance consoles, always keep in mind that this piece of furniture is the first thing you see when entering a space. This is why it is important to hunt for the perfect console table, capable of adapting to the style and needs of those living in the home.

Modern designers offer a multitude of models for entrance consoles, made from the most varied materials. Wood is undoubtedly the main material, but there are also consoles made of glass, metal or stone.

What are the most beautiful modern hallway consoles?

A modern hallway console table can change the face of this area of the house. Placing a large console table in bold colours or with an original design in a spacious hallway immediately catches the eye of those entering the house. In contrast, a console table with a minimalist and linear design communicates cleanliness and simplicity. This applies to both a flat and a villa.

A modern console table is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. The simplest models of modern consoles essentially offer a shelf, made of wood or glass. The console table can be placed on the floor or installed on the wall. In addition to what has been said so far, suspended consoles are a good solution to save space and to furnish the entrance with a contemporary style.

In addition, those who want an even more functional piece of furniture can opt for a design model that allows you to store various types of objects. The presence of shelves, drawers and compartments of various sizes allows you to furnish the entrance with books, vases or frames with the photos you are most fond of.

Some designers also offer transformable consoles. In particular, there are extendable consoles which can become an additional table. A piece of furniture of this type is the ideal solution for those who like to organise parties and invite friends to their homes and, at the same time, want to furnish their homes with functional and versatile furniture.

Whether you live in a flat, a loft, a villa or any other living solution, the modern hallway console table is an essential piece of furniture to give your home a touch that is both personal and functional. Follow our advice and you will see that you will not make a wrong choice!

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