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The modern entrance chandelier: how to make the right choice?

modern entrance chandelier

The choice of modern entrance chandelier should not be underestimated. Paying attention to the furnishing solutions available for the entrance area in fact helps to give personality to the entire home.

Among minimalist proposals, real sculptures that illuminate and models with a strong decorative power, here are some ideas to adequately illuminate spaces and, at the same time, to furnish the entrance of flats, lofts, villas or any other type of home.

Where to start when choosing a modern entrance chandelier?

When you are furnishing the entrance area of your home, choosing a chandelier is a very delicate moment. There are in fact several risks involved: placing a chandelier in the room that is too large or, on the contrary, too small causes the lighting to be sub-optimal. Furthermore, choosing an anonymous or excessively eccentric model could clash with the atmosphere in the other rooms of the house.

From this point of view, the type of home to be furnished greatly influences the choice process. In a large flat or a loft, the entrance is not physically demarcated from the living area. The separation between the different rooms will therefore be determined by the furniture and lighting. On the contrary, in a villa or a country house, it is quite common to find a separate entrance hall, which has the task of introducing guests to the rest of the house.

In the first case, the entrance chandelier (modern or otherwise) has a delicate task, because it has to adequately illuminate the space, decorate the entrance and ensure a harmonious result with the furnishings of the living area. In the second case, on the other hand, one is somewhat freer in the choice of chandelier structure, since the object in question is the only source of lighting in the room. Therefore, one does not have to worry too much about its design in relation to that of the chandeliers in neighbouring rooms.

How do you choose a modern entrance chandelier?

When choosing a modern entrance chandelier, there are several assessments to be made, and they concern both the structure of the product and its style.

Selecting the right materials is the first step towards identifying the perfect model for your home. In modern furnishing, metal and glass chandeliers are often used, declined in different ways according to the furnishing principles by which they are inspired.

In the case of Nordic and minimalist furnishings, one can choose chandeliers with square shapes, a simple metal structure and transparent glass. For an industrial decor, the chandelier can be made of metal and opaque glass and with freer shapes.

The chandelier can also be used to give a special look to the entrance of the house. Choosing a model with an unusual shape, bold colours or a style in stark contrast to that of the furniture decorating the entrance: these are all options to consider if the goal is to achieve a surprising result.

In general, to choose the right model for a  modern entrance chandelier, it is important to consider the width of the space to be furnished and the height of the ceilings. These measurements allow you to select the best type of piece from suspended models and ceiling lights, and then determine the maximum size.

Some chandelier models to consider when furnishing modern entrances

Choosing a designer chandelier to complete the furnishing of a modern entrance is often a winning idea. Research work and careful planning, which are at the basis of the creative process of design furniture, allow us to give character even to spaces in the home that would otherwise risk appearing somewhat anonymous. Indeed, this is the risk an entrance hall often runs.

Among the most interesting solutions are chandeliers that create intriguing visual effects, such as pieces made of carved wood and those made of sculpted metal. The latter, when lit, project more elaborate geometric figures or designs onto the ceiling or walls.

In modern furniture, great attention is also paid to energy efficiency. From this point of view, there is a growing demand for design chandeliers that guarantee low consumption, through the use of LED lights or systems that allow automatic adjustment of the amount of light required, depending on the natural or artificial light in the room.

Dimmable models are also excellent options for furnishing modern entrances. These chandeliers, made up of LED strips that can take on different shapes, are perfect for those who have structured their home’s entrance decor to create a multifunctional space. The direction of the lights and their intensity can be adjusted depending on whether you want to illuminate the seating area or need light near the mirror.

In conclusion, what can we say about such an interesting topic? Certainly, there are various types of chandeliers for a modern entrance hall. The choice is not always easy. For this reason, you should always seek the advice of a true interior design expert.

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