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Modern designer sofas: how to make the right choice?

Modern designer sofas how to make the right choice

Comfortable, elegant and capable of creating a relaxing domestic space, modern designer sofas are among the main protagonists of the living area of the house. The choice of sofa must be made carefully, looking for a model that is consistent with the furnishing style and that guarantees the desired comfort.

What are the most common characteristics of modern designer sofas?

The variety of modern designer sofas is such that anyone can find the perfect model for their home. In some cases, designers have taken inspiration from the classic models of the past, revisiting them to meet contemporary needs, and in other cases, they have resorted to original lines and solutions that bring a breath of fresh air to the environment that immediately catches the eye.

All current design sofas guarantee exceptional comfort, thanks to the care with which the materials are selected and the careful design of the structure. The height of the backrest, the softness of the seat and the depth of the sofa have an important influence on comfort.

The materials used to make today’s designer sofas are varied. Alongside the timeless leather and natural fabrics, there are also innovative materials with a low environmental impact. Faux leather and synthetic leather are alternatives to natural leather, more versatile and with qualities comparable to those of traditional leather sofas.

Those who prefer the freshness of a fabric sofa have several alternatives to consider. Traditional cotton has its practicality and durability, but there are other natural or synthetic fibres to consider. Linen or hemp sofas, for example, have a seemingly rough appearance but provide an excellent level of comfort. They are particularly suitable for homes furnished in a minimalist style and with an eye on eco-sustainability.

If attention is paid to the environmental impact of the selected elements when planning the furnishing of the house, it is possible to choose a designer sofa covered with recycled fabrics. Recycling old clothes and textile industry waste produces resistant and environmentally friendly fibres, which are beautiful to look at and make the sofa comfortable and cosy.

Modern designer sofas how to make the right choice

Which modern designer sofa to choose for your home

For a living room furnished in a classic style, you can choose a modern sofa inspired by the designs of the past, or make a break with the past and focus on an ultra-modern sofa. In the first case, you can opt for a capitonné or chesterfield sofa, with hand-stitched stitching that is striking even at a glance. Those who love contrasts can insert a modern corner sofa with peninsula in a classic living room, ideal for relaxing at the end of the day.

In homes furnished with more originality, you can decide to insert a sofa with sophisticated shapes. Circular sofas, half-moon sofas or, if you want to be even more daring, modular sofas whose shape can be modified simply by changing the order of the various components, are useful for this purpose.

The choice of the right sofa for the living room is influenced not only by the furnishing style, but also by the size of the room. A loft or open-plan living room can accommodate large corner sofas, which can be placed in the middle of the room or slightly detached from the walls – the ideal distance is from the wall, between 50 and 80 centimetres. In smaller living areas you can choose a 2 or 3-seater designer sofa or opt for a refined chaise longue.

Modern designer sofas how to make the right choice

If the house has large spaces, it is a good idea to combine a chaise longue with the sofa, to create an additional corner dedicated to relaxation and to facilitate conversation among those seated between the armchair and the sofa.

For a balanced result it is important to choose a sofa with a style and colour that is consistent with the general atmosphere of the room. In a house with light-coloured walls, wooden floors and furnished with wooden furniture, you can indulge yourself and choose sofas in bright colours. If, on the other hand, coloured walls and furniture have already been chosen, it is more prudent to opt for a sofa in neutral tones, to be enhanced with a matching carpet, pouf or small tables.

Another element to consider is the lighting of the room. It is advisable to choose modern designer sofas in light colours or cold shades to give a breath of fresh air to a dimly lit room, while a sofa in warm, intense colours can be placed in a room full of light, whether natural or artificial.

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