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The modern bookcase for the living room: guide to choice

modern bookcase for the living room

The living room is the space in the house most devoted to conviviality. It is the room where family and friends meet, where they share their thoughts and tell and listen to the most varied stories.

Providing a modern bookcase for the living room makes stories even more a part of everyday life and stimulates curiosity and openness in the people in the home. Choosing the right bookcase model for this space requires attention, because it is necessary to find a solution that guarantees a good balance with the style of the house and that is coherent with the type of home.

What are the peculiarities of modern bookcases for the living room?

In modern furnishing, there is a tendency to prefer bookcases with slimmer and more versatile structures than in the past.

The imposing wooden bookcases that used to occupy entire walls have given way to more minimalist-looking furniture with smaller dimensions. In addition, modern furnishing styles prefer to include multifunctional and versatile furniture in the living room, which can hold books but also other types of objects.

The most immediate difference between traditional and modern bookcases in the living room is the change in structure. While in the past bookcases were made of wood and had a regular structure, today there is a preference for less bulky structures, made of lighter materials and with alternating empty and full volumes.

Modern bookcases for the living room give the room a tidy and welcoming look. The size of the furniture should be chosen taking into account first of all the quantity of books and objects to be organised. The most modern solutions offer compartments and shelves of various sizes, so you can arrange your favourite things in an orderly manner.

In the living room furniture project you can decide to insert a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be both a bookcase and a TV stand. Or you can opt for a stand-alone bookcase. In the first case, the piece of furniture will probably be the centrepiece of the room and you will need to choose the accessories and details that will be most able to enhance its lines. On the other hand, in the second case, you will need to choose a bookcase model in balance with the other furniture in the living room.

The best bookcase models to furnish a modern living room

If you choose a free-standing bookcase, your options are quite numerous. Freestanding models are the most common choice. They are versatile and spacious bookcases which can be placed on the wall, but also in large open-plan living rooms, where they can be used as a room divider to mark the separation between the living room and the rest of the living area.

If you need a modern bookcase for your living room that is small in size, you can also choose a wall-mounted unit. These wall-mounted models are great ideas for contemporary living rooms and for those who love design furniture with original lines.

Column bookcases, on the other hand, are perfect as a space-saving solution. From models that recall the traditional structure of wooden furniture to models with a minimalist structure, everyone can find the solution that best suits their style.

Modern modular living room bookcases are the best solution for those who need a bookcase that can evolve over time. The presence of several modules that can be combined in different ways and that can be added if the need for space increases makes these bookcases ideal for those who are looking for maximum versatility.

Which modern living room bookcases to choose for different home furnishing styles?

When choosing materials and colours for a modern bookcase for your living room, you need to consider the specific characteristics of the room’s furnishings.

Beyond the particularities of individual styles, what modern furniture has in common is the search for a balance between practicality, functionality and design. Even when choosing bookcase models for the living room it is important to find the right balance between all these aspects.

The modern bookcase for the living room can reflect the specificities of the furnishing style chosen for the room or it can be the element that breaks the mould and adds a special touch, capable of catching the eye. In a Nordic style living room, for example, you can insert a wooden bookcase with coloured modules. In a house furnished in a contemporary style, with clean lines and light colours, you can warm up the atmosphere with a metal bookcase with leather or crystal elements. Finally, in an industrial living room you can insert a modern design bookcase in wrought iron and plastic. As you can imagine, the possibilities are varied and must be studied with due attention by the designers.

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