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Modern bedroom design: what are the most up-to-date choices?

Modern bedroom design

The main objective of a modern bedroom design project should be to create a customised and unique result.

Through the choices concerning the arrangement and structure of the furniture, it is possible to realise original and designer furniture, which achieves the result of immediately catching the attention of guests.

How to design a modern room?

When designing a modern room furnished with design solutions, it is necessary to balance the functionality and aesthetics of the room itself. In this sense, the furniture should not only look neat and elegant, but should also respond to the needs and desires of those who will use the room.

Starting from the structural characteristics of the space, the interior designer will be able to create a tailor-made project, selecting the best design furniture for that specific context. Specifically, the type of furniture and its arrangement should be chosen to make the room comfortable and functional.

Very often, when dealing with the design of the modern bedroom design, one is inspired by minimalism in the choice of furniture. In this style, the design of furniture and furnishings is essential and, in general, the superfluous is avoided here. Eliminating decorative objects and leaving only a few select pieces of furniture helps to keep the focus on relaxation and well-being, helping to lower stress and improve concentration skills.

The lines of the furniture are smooth and clean, even when designer pieces are used. A useful stratagem for increasing the functionality of modern bedroom furniture is to choose multifunctional furniture. Dressers, bedside tables and wardrobes with modular and transformable structures are able to meet the needs of those living in the home well and can adapt to new needs over time.

What elements make up the furniture of the modern bedroom design project?

The choices to be made for a modern bedroom design project essentially concern three areas: the sleeping area, consisting of the bed and bedside tables, the wardrobe area, consisting of wardrobes and dressers, and the room’s lighting.

Bed and bedside tables represent the core of the entire design. The solutions of the most modern designers include suspended beds or beds with original structures and designer bedside tables.

Suspended beds are practical and striking solutions with which to furnish a modern bedroom. A bed of this type is suitable in all rooms of the house, it is practical and functional. Having the bed raised from the floor is also an excellent solution when the room is small and when there is a need to increase the brightness of the room.

In addition to having an original and impactful appearance, raised beds are also functional, because they simplify cleaning and are perfectly coherent with a minimalist and essential décor. On the other hand, the only case in which wall-hung beds are not recommended is when you have a lot of objects and need extra space in which to store them. In such a situation, a traditional bed with storage space, which is placed under the mattress, or with side drawers, is more suitable.

Also when choosing bedside tables, aesthetics and functionality must go hand in hand. Contemporary design furniture solutions include bedside tables integrated into the headboard. This is a perfect option for modern furniture and easily customisable, just choose the materials and structure you prefer.

Modern bedroom design

Distinctive bedrooms to draw inspiration from

The minimalist trend in modern bedroom design is reflected in the relocation of the wardrobe outside the room. By creating a walk-in wardrobe in a room of the house separate from the bedroom, it is possible to keep the space dedicated to resting separate from the one in which the wardrobe is stored and in which one dresses.

Stripped of the wardrobe, modern bedrooms become spaces that mould themselves to one’s interests. In the space that would have been occupied by the wardrobe, bookcases, artwork or large decorative mirrors spring up.

Those who do not want to or cannot create a walk-in wardrobe can still make a design choice. The ultimate in originality is represented by open wardrobes: they have an essential and elegant structure, leave clothes and accessories in view and are very trendy.

More traditional wardrobes with a hinged door or sliding door structure can also be excellent design solutions. Sometimes, it is enough to reinterpret the classic smooth wardrobe structure in an innovative way to increase the appeal of such furniture. Choosing a model with a modular structure, in which open compartments, shelves or modules can be integrated to modify the wardrobe’s predefined structure, are all effective ideas for making the design of the modern bedroom design

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