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Mediterranean style kitchen combines sea and country in a unique design

Mediterranean style kitchen

The points of contact between Mediterranean and country

Country and Mediterranean might apparently appear to be distant terms, almost antithetical. Countryin fact refers to the American countryside and in the collective imagination leads to an image linked to cowboys and American-style music, while Mediterranean refers to the Mediterranean, thus recalling the sea and different atmospheres. But when it comes to furniture, there are points of contact, especially in the materials, with the possibility of creating fascinating and original Mediterranean-style country kitchens.

The materials of the Mediterranean style kitchen

The Mediterranean style is characterised by a general feeling of freshness, it almost seems to recall the breeze and scent of the sea, while the country style winks at the American countryside. Yet they use similar materials and with a skilful mix of details it is possible to find a way that embraces both. Those who want kitchens furnished according to this declination of the country style can get help from a studio kitchen, where professionals will study all the details to render exactly the desired effect, a mix of the charm of the sea and the country.

But what are the characteristics of a Mediterranean style kitchen and what materials and colours should be used? Essentially, wood, terracotta, marble and possibly stoneware with a wood, marble or stone effect.

Mediterranean style kitchen

Wooden and where to spend time: the importance of the table

The table must be made of wood and be the beating heart of the room and also of family life: this is where people gather to spend time together and eat. The country style prefers rough wood, which appears aged: there are various types of wood and processes that allow this effect to be achieved, which unites this type of interior design with another that is very popular with shabby chic, where everything must look old but well cared for. Also pay attention to the choice of chairs.

Prominent utensils that are not only used for cooking but are able to become part of the design and furnishings themselves are another characteristic of the Mediterranean style kitchen, which distinguishes it from modern ones. Green light, therefore, to shelves, perhaps made of wood, that are visible and serve as a support for pots, plates, jars, perhaps spices and ingredients of the Mediterranean culinary tradition as well as utensils that recall seaside holiday homes, such as terracotta or glass vases. Copper pots can also be hung from the ceiling, fully embracing a country atmosphere. And lamps and chandeliers that stand out, in wrought iron or delicate crystal, are welcome. The latter and glass are in fact welcome to add a touch of lightness and elegance.

Mediterranean style kitchen

Marble and ceramics in the Mediterranean style kitchen

Another material that is almost obligatory in kitchens that embrace a Mediterranean country style is marble, for worktops. When designing them, it is essential to choose large dimensions in order to prioritise comfort. Particular attention should be paid to the sink, which should also be large, and the taps and fittings. For the atmospheres of the Mediterranean style kitchen, masonry inserts on the walls are perfect, and if possible the use of large ceramic or terracotta tiles for the floor (if you don’t want to, don’t like them or can’t, a valid alternative is parquet) and if desired for the wall coverings.

The fabrics to be favoured are natural ones that recall the idea of the sea, above all linen and cotton. They can be used not only for curtains but also for tea towels: every detail, even the smallest, in country kitchens that embrace a Mediterranean style must be taken care of.

Mediterranean style kitchen

Colours to choose for the Mediterranean style kitchen

As far as colours are concerned, go for natural colours as much as possible, such as the colour of wood or the white of the tiles, combined with nuances such as yellow, ochre or beige, as well as some inserts of grey, brown and if you want a reference to the sea, blue and green.

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