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Marble tables: high-class furniture for your home

Marble tables high-class furniture for your home

Marble tables are just as suitable for homes with a classic atmosphere as they are for more contemporary choices. Choosing the right model of table for your home helps to enhance and preserve the beauty of this material, universally considered one of the most valuable.

The qualities of marble tables raise the level of your home environment

Marble is among the most widely used minerals in the world of interior design. The versatility and durability of this material make it the right choice for both home floors and other surfaces. Marble tables, in particular, can furnish the room in which they are placed with great personality and guarantee an elegant and long-lasting result.

Carrara marble tables are the most luxurious. Italian marble, which is light in colour and has veins of various shades, makes it possible to create elegant models with great personality. Among Italian marbles the most precious is calacatta oro, recognisable by its golden veins. To make a table made of this marble stand out in the best possible way, it is advisable to place colours in the room that recall the shades of the marble. For example, you can decide to use warm colours in the range of golds and yellows for the walls or floor.

Those who like dark colours can choose one of the Spanish marbles between emperador and marquinia for their table. The former has a warm brown tone and light veins, while the latter is black with white veins. In the dark version, marble tables immediately attract the gaze of people entering the room and become the focal point of the room.

Marble tables high-class furniture for your home

The ideal location for marble tables is in the centre of the living room or living area. But you can also choose a marble table for your study, to furnish your meeting room in an elegant manner, or in the outdoor areas of the house, taking care that the table is protected from the weather, for example inside a gazebo or on a closed patio.

Marble is appreciated not only for its unique appearance, guaranteed by the presence of natural veining, but also for the objective beauty of the stone. The characteristics of the mineral are enhanced by the polished finish, which can bring brightness to even the darkest rooms. If you prefer, you can choose a marble table with a matt finish, which is more faithful to the natural appearance of the stone.

The choice of colours and finishes depends largely on the furnishing style chosen. For a classic style home, you can choose a rectangular table in Carrara, Marquinia or Emperador marble with wooden legs. Those who want a home that recalls the noble environments of the past can choose a table with sabre legs or Louis XVI style legs.

For homes furnished in a contemporary style, the ideal marble table models, on the other hand, mainly involve the combination of marble with metal. Even when wood is used, the lines deviate from tradition. The classic rectangular table makes room for round or oval tables, with straight or oblique metal legs and surrounded by designer chairs, some of which are very colourful. The tulip model, for example, is perfect for a modern home and, depending on the type of chair that goes with it, can take on a more refined or dynamic look.

How to care for marble tables

Marble tables high-class furniture for your home

Marble is a hardwearing material, but it is also delicate and must be protected in order to preserve its beauty for a long time. The porous surface of marble tends to stain if it comes into contact with liquids containing acidic and aggressive substances, and scratches if it is treated with abrasive materials.

When cleaning marble tables, it is advisable to use mild, neutral detergents and a microfibre cloth. Sponges should not be used, as they can scratch the surface of the table. If oil or acidic substances spill onto the marble, it is important to act quickly and blot the stain to avoid permanent damage to the table.

If you want to protect your marble table more effectively, you can request a polyester treatment. The treatment consists of applying a thin layer of insulating material, which eliminates the risk of scratches or stains. This solution is suitable for both glossy and matt-finished tables.

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