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Made-to-measure curtains in Ticino: how to choose the right model for your home? [Practical guide].

Made-to-measure curtains

In Ticino, as everywhere else, made-to-measure curtains are a precious furnishing element. In addition to protecting against the sun and guaranteeing a certain degree of privacy, curtains also play an important decorative role. Choosing a made-to-measure model also allows you to define the best fabrics, weave and patterns for each room in the house.

How to choose made-to-measure curtains to furnish your Ticino home

Depending on the size of the space to be furnished and the style chosen for the room, you can opt for a floor-length curtain, more or less draped, or for more minimal solutions, such as panel or packet curtains.

Whichever configuration you prefer, when choosing made-to-measure curtains you should always start with the dimensions. Generally, we take the width of the window as a reference and add 20 to 40 centimetres to this measurement. The exact size depends on the system chosen for the installation of the curtain. You can opt for a rod or track curtain, either as long as the window or as long as the floor.

Once the measurements for the curtains have been defined, the next step is to choose the style. The choice between one model or another depends on the final effect you want to achieve and the type of room you want to decorate. If you are looking for privacy and the room to be decorated is particularly bright, you can opt for a double curtain with a high filtering capacity or a semi-darkening curtain. These types of models are able to screen out the sun’s rays and prying eyes and at the same time decorate the room with personality. On the other hand, for a room with little light and where there is no particular need for privacy, you can opt for a light, low-filter fabric curtain, preferably in a light colour.

Generally speaking, in the living area of the house it is preferable to opt for decorative curtains, while in the bedroom it is good to use curtains that help regulate the amount of sunlight, in order to favour rest. In the bathroom, on the other hand, the most common solution is to use curtains that provide privacy and, at the same time, ensure good light in the room. Apart from these basic rules, it is essential that there is a good balance between the light in the room and the colour choices.

The most trendy made-to-measure curtains in Ticino

When it comes to curtains, there are those who remain faithful to tradition and those who wish to have modern and innovative solutions in their homes. For the former, curtains in natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, are recommended. Velvet curtains are also a valid option, especially for furnishing bedrooms in a classic and retro style.

More modern curtains are made of innovative fabrics and specially treated. Synthetic fibres are often aesthetically pleasing, durable and do not tend to change colour or shrink with time or washing.

To ensure that the environment is not only beautiful but also comfortable and safe, curtain manufacturers subject them to treatments that prevent the fabric from absorbing odours and catching fire. Most modern curtains also require minimal maintenance: they are easy to wash, do not stretch and need no special care.

The latest trends in Ticino suggest the use of curtains in bright colours and bold designs. These can be floral patterns, geometric motifs or abstract designs. To ensure a harmonious result, it is important to consider how the pattern is distributed across the fabric and how it is repeated throughout the curtain.

The advantages of choosing a made-to-measure curtain

Relying on a made-to-measure curtains seller means having the possibility to get the ideal models for every room in the house, taking into account the characteristics of the space and the preferred style.

Customisation ensures maximum freedom in defining the size, fabric, configuration and appearance of the curtains. Made-to-measure solutions also allow you to receive curtains in non-standard sizes and made from custom materials.

When designing, it is important to consider the particularities of each room in the house and adapt the choice of curtains accordingly. For curtains in the living area, brightly coloured fabrics with eye-catching decorative motifs can be used successfully. In the sleeping area, however, it is important to ensure that the curtains provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Made-to-measure curtains can make the home environment of any Ticino house unique and sophisticated, whether it is a new home or a renovation of an existing one.

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