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Made in Italy carpentry: why is it so popular around the world?

Made in Italy is a brand that is known and appreciated all over the world. Made in Italy carpentry, along with fashion, goldsmithing and jewellery, is synonymous with great quality and prestige. Furnishing your home or shop with Made in Italy furniture is a desire that unites people from different continents and cultures. But what makes Italian carpentry so special? Let’s see it together.

What makes the Made in Italy style unique

What is now universally recognised as the best style in the world has its roots in the distant past. Made in Italy carpentry began to gain international acclaim and respect during the Renaissance, when Italy – or rather, the various states that made it up – was a European reference point for culture, fashion and art. The palaces of the aristocrats of the time were furnished with fine furniture and tables, made by skilled local craftsmen. In a short time, Italian style began to be recognised and loved all over the world.

Over the centuries, the quality of Italian carpentry and furniture has always remained at the highest level. With the arrival of the 20th century, then, the birth of designer furniture and accessories gave a further boost to the growth and affirmation of Italian style in the world.

Made in Italy creations are recognised for a number of reasons. Quality is the first to stand out. The concept of quality is difficult to grasp in its entirety, but when it comes to wooden furniture and furnishings, the quality of the raw materials and the precision of the workmanship cannot be ignored.

The knowledge and experience of the craftsmen is another element that makes the difference. Their know-how allows them to handle wood and any other material in the best possible way. The inventiveness of Italian carpenters makes it possible to create furniture and furnishings of excellent quality. The ability to read the present and anticipate future trends is another skill of the Italian carpentry masters. This is what allows them to set trends in interior design and ensure that Made in Italy continues to be the world reference in terms of quality and modernity.

It is no coincidence that Milan hosts the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Since the early 1960s, this event has been an unmissable appointment for designers, architects, decorators and, more generally, for all furniture and design lovers. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the stage that celebrates the excellence of Italian carpentry and furniture.

Made in Italy furniture: high quality and design

Italy has always been a pioneer in the history of furniture. Specifically, the real protagonists of Made in Italy joinery are the craftsmen who, together with creative people, create extraordinary furniture. As these are handcrafted productions, customers can of course ask for made-to-measure Made in Italy furniture. Every aspect of the project can be customised to meet the customer’s needs and to provide furniture that is literally designed according to the characteristics and style of the space to be furnished.

Thanks to their sensitivity and knowledge of raw materials, Italian carpenters are able to select the best wood species for each project. Cherry, mahogany and walnut are some of the woods that are traditionally used in the Made in Italy joinery, in order to make solid wood furniture exported all over the world. The wood is cut, assembled and treated with great care to ensure that it respects the natural fibres and produces solid, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting furniture.

In more modern designs, wood is combined with materials such as glass and metal. Or it is combined with elements made from special wood processing, such as MDF or laminated wood. The most exclusive design creations make it possible to combine different materials and products and to create unique projects, characterised by original lines and great charm.

Choosing Made in Italy furniture for your home or shop means being able to count on products of the highest quality, made by experts, and taking a piece of Italy anywhere in the world. The experience of carpenters is handed down from generation to generation, adding to each step the experience of the past and the projection towards the future. This is what happens, for example, with Il Piccolo, which has been operating in the Brianza district for over 50 years, exporting the beauty of Made in Italy to every corner of the world.

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