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Luxury upholstered beds, what comfort. A wide choice of fabrics

Luxury upholstered beds are all about comfort

Luxury upholstered beds have become very popular in recent years – there must surely be a reason for that! There are actually several. One of the most important criteria when it comes to choosing a bed that will or will not give us a good night’s sleep is comfort. Taking into account the fact that, nowadays, the bed is not only used for sleeping but also for watching TV or reading. Luxury upholstered beds also have a padded headboard, made up of pillows instead of quilting.

Luxury upholstered beds – whatever the style, they will be elegant

Another characteristic of luxury upholstered beds is their elegance: luxury upholstered beds wink at aesthetics and design. They can be modern, classic or retro, but the elegance will be unquestionable regardless of the model. Finally, versatility is one of the keywords of luxury upholstered beds, because almost all of them are now removable and machine washable, which allows those who buy them to be safe from dirt and dust. Many of the luxury upholstered beds are equipped with storage, a valuable ally in recovering space in the wardrobes and in keeping things tidy. Everything from pillows and bedding to blankets and suitcases can be stored inside the storage units, an important issue in many bedrooms, including attics. (Link to article. Attic walk-in wardrobe)

What fabrics to choose for luxury upholstered beds?

As far as materials are concerned, the choice is between leather (in vogue in the 1970s and 1980s) and fabric (which became the dominant material in the 1990s and 2000s). Today, both materials are considered to be more than valid and have achieved such perfection in workmanship that they satisfy every taste and requirement. Leather or split leather are suggested for those who like a solution that lasts almost forever, as the bed should not be placed in a very hot room that would risk ruining the composition of the covering.

Those who pay attention to respecting the environment and prefer an ethical choice will opt for fabric for their luxury upholstered bed, also safeguarding health and hygiene. Modern upholstery can be machine washed and is very durable.

Velvet versus linen, each choice gives something different to luxury upholstered beds

The choice of patterns and colours for luxury upholstered beds is practically infinite, giving the possibility to give a touch of colour to monochromatic rooms or to adapt to numerous shades and infinite styles. Among the fabrics, we are talking about velvet, which is very popular. It goes well with classic furnishings but there is nothing to stop it being used for luxury beds and more modern rooms. There are many shades available, but generally they are all dark: black, blue, burgundy, although it is possible to find lighter shades if you prefer them. The upholstery should be pleasant to caress and, in general, pleasant to the touch. Luxury velvet upholstered beds attract more dust than faux leather beds and are very warm; this is certainly a positive factor in winter, when it is a pleasure to snuggle up in a comfortable, warm luxury upholstered bed, but can be a problem in summer.

Linen, on the other hand, offers a compromise between comfort, elegance and affordability. Another note not to be overlooked is that, unlike velvet, linen will make the bed warm in winter and cool in summer. Linen is a durable, natural and versatile fibre. The covers, therefore, will prove durable. Eco-leather covers are elegant, beautiful and hygienic. The only drawback is that because leather is a luxury material, the costs are often prohibitive for some people. For those who can afford it, however, they are definitely worth considering as an option because faux leather attracts far less dust than traditional fabrics (perfect for allergy sufferers).

Luxury upholstered beds: double, single or French?

An important point: luxury upholstered beds are available in double, single or French versions. They can be with or without a headboard. 

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