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Luxury mirrors: how to choose the right model for you?

Luxury mirrors have so many qualities that they are a necessary piece of furniture in different home contexts. Depending on the way it is arranged and the details that characterise it, the mirror can perform mainly a decorative function or it can serve to reflect images and light.

In fact, we are talking about an important component of the furniture, which must be chosen carefully to get the most out of each room. For example, thanks to the luxurious details, the mirror helps to give personality to the rooms and avoids the risk of moving in anonymous spaces like many others.

Why it is a good idea to furnish with a luxury mirror

Sometimes, the decision to include a mirror in the room is a no-brainer: just think of the bathroom, the bedroom or the walk-in wardrobe, rooms in the house where having a mirror is necessary. In other cases, however, the decision to exploit the reflective capacity of a mirror is a deliberate choice, made with the aim of exploiting its full potential.

First of all, luxury mirrors have a specific function, which is to reflect images. From an interior design point of view, the reflective capacity of mirrored surfaces can be used to reflect natural or artificial light and to create plays on perspective and optical illusions, which can make rooms in the home seem larger.

In the case of luxury mirrors, the frames and materials that are placed next to the mirror itself are the protagonists. These range from baroque solutions, with large metal frames richly decorated, to contemporary proposals, extremely refined in their simplicity.

Even in areas of the home where the mirror has a purely functional function – in the entrance hall, the bathroom or the room where you dress – the use of a luxury frame helps to give a unique touch to the space and to bring the mirror to have the same importance as the furniture.

How can luxury mirrors be used for furniture?

Luxury mirrors have great decorative power, but it is important to select the best shapes and sizes to achieve your decorating goals. Firstly, when you are selecting luxury mirrors for your home, you need to understand the functions the mirror will perform. From this first consideration come the others, mainly relating to shape and size.

Equally important is the decision on where to place the luxury mirror. Sometimes, a move of even a few centimetres can have important beneficial effects on the overall appearance of the room.

In general, luxury mirrors come in various shapes and sizes. Models can be grouped into full-length mirrors and smaller mirrors. Full-length mirrors are mainly used in bedrooms and walk-in wardrobes, but they can also be a great way to light up a dark hallway or to brighten up a long, narrow corridor.

As far as shapes are concerned, the most common solutions are round or rectangular mirrors. But there are also different options, which take advantage of the variety of abstract shapes to create truly luxurious and highly original models. Some contemporary design mirrors include the use of small modular mirrors, which can be freely placed side by side to give them the shape you prefer.

Which style to choose for luxury mirrors?

A high-end mirror can either fit in with the style chosen for furnishing your home or it can be a striking element that stands out. The range of models of luxury mirrors is extremely wide and it is easy to identify the most suitable ones to enhance the project you are following.

In a house furnished in a classic style, luxury mirrors can also be used in very different ways. If a model with a large frame is perfect for the entrance hall, a floor standing full-length model with a simple wooden frame may be suitable for the bedroom. A round mirror, on the other hand, may be the best solution to furnish a bare wall without overloading it with colour.

In contemporary environments, the ideal luxury mirrors are those without frames or with a subtle and discreet frame, which blends into the overall picture. A frequently used solution is the use of designer mirrors with a built-in LED light system. Such a mirror is perfect in the bathroom, but it can also be the central element around which a living room with a young and irreverent atmosphere is furnished. If you like to constantly give your home a new look, you can also opt for designer mirrors equipped with RGB lights with a colour therapy function.

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