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Luxury mattresses: how to choose the best for your sleep

Luxury mattresses how to choose the best for your sleep

It is a well-known fact that we spend, on average, one third of our lives sleeping. What is not emphasised enough, however, is the fact that the way we sleep and the quality of our rest have an effect throughout the rest of the day. Taking care of our sleep time by choosing to sleep on luxury mattresses is therefore a way to ensure that we can recover our energy during the night, have optimum energy levels during the day and ensure the well-being of our bodies.

Why choose to sleep on a luxury mattress?

How does a luxury mattress differ from a standard mattress? First of all, in its composition and structure. The material the mattress is made of has a very important influence on the quality of rest, but the material alone is not enough. The internal structure of the mattress must also be chosen carefully to ensure that it is able to support the body during the night.

Traditional sheep’s wool mattresses have over time given way to mattresses made of innovative materials and high quality natural fibres. This change has led to the emergence of hypoallergenic mattresses, which are able to better support the spine, adapt to the shape of the body and support the movements made during the night. These qualities are essential for relieving muscle tension and for relaxing the back.

Alongside sheep’s wool, luxury mattresses have appeared, for example, made of alpaca wool, an extremely soft material with incredible insulating properties. Several luxury mattresses are made of camel wool, a warm and very durable material. Merino sheep’s wool has long been known for its softness and resistance to moisture.

Modern materials that can be used to make luxury mattresses include memory foam and latex. In both cases, these are resilient and durable materials that offer high support and do not deform over time.

For your mattress, it is important to select a material that allows temperature and humidity regulation and that has excellent hypoallergenic properties, to minimise health risks.

The height of the luxury mattress should also be chosen carefully, to make sure that the structure is adequate for rest and relaxation during sleep. The height of luxury materials is usually between 24 and 28 centimetres, designed to offer ideal support for people with different body types.

Luxury mattresses how to choose the best for your sleep

How to choose a luxury mattress and sleeping system

Choosing the material of your luxury mattress is a priority, but it’s certainly not the only thing to consider when making a purchase.

The size of the mattress can also have a certain influence on the quality of rest. Manufacturers of luxury mattresses make it possible to obtain customised products, which are particularly ideal for very tall people who need a mattress that is longer than standard sizes. People who want to sleep on a mattress that is wider than the norm can opt for a queen size, king size or customised size bed.

The stiffness of the mattress should also be carefully assessed. At this stage, the physical structure of the people who will be using the mattress and their needs must be taken into account. Modern luxury mattresses generally have a pocket spring structure inside. Unlike in the past, each spring is independent of the others, which makes it possible to have differentiated support in the different areas of the mattress and to optimally distribute the weight of the body over the surface of the mattress.

Luxury mattresses how to choose the best for your sleep

Luxury mattress manufacturers make it possible to customise every aspect of the product. In addition to the dimensions and materials, you can choose the desired degree of stiffness, but also the colour of the mattress and the accessories.

In conclusion, the quality of rest does not only depend on the type of mattress chosen, but it depends on what can be defined as a real sleep system. The recovery of energy spent during the day and the well-being of your body and mind can be greatly improved when you rely on luxury mattresses, supported by quality bed bases and pillows designed to maximize comfort and quality of rest.

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