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Why opting for a luxury interior designers near me was a winning choice

luxury interior designers near me

Creating a luxury interior designer is not easy!

Furnishing your home luxuriously is not always easy. People often think that it is enough to choose the most prestigious furnishings and pick them up in the shops of the most advertised and well-known brands. But this is not the case, or at least, not only. Creating an ambience that truly conveys the value of luxury goes beyond that: it requires good taste, a careful combination of elements and the ability to put one’s own personality into the furnishings. It is by no means self-evident and that is why I opt for the help of a luxury interior designers near me

A luxury interior designer knows how to enhance any environment!

They are the best people to give me a hand in making my home truly luxurious and unique, in turning my dreams into reality, shaping what I want through furniture, accessories and lighting. A luxury interior designer who is close to me listens to my philosophy of luxury, because it is not the same for everyone, and adapts it to my home and my space. Particularly when dealing with properties that go beyond the conventional, little gems set in old buildings, larger-than-average lofts, mountain homes or even an attic, it may be that custom-built furniture is needed to make the most of every corner.

Turning to luxury interior designers near me has allowed me to get in touch with carpentries that work by combining artisanal techniques and modern technology to create furniture, in various materials, that is truly unique.

Il Piccolo Sagl, my luxury interior designers near me

I chose, as a luxury interior designer near me, to ask for help for my home from the staff of Piccolo Sagl, where I found competence and passion able to understand what I wanted. Founded as a joinery and now in its second generation, it has a well-stocked showroom in Lugano and works closely with a number of artisans in the world of luxury, who were able to create and find the most suitable furniture and accessories for what I wanted. I was offered a turnkey contract furnishing service: starting from my vision, the designers designed and realised the entire furnishing of my home.

Piccolo Sagl is also specialised in art, and was able to procure the necessary works for me to place in the niches and strategic points of my premises.

Deciding to have luxury interior designers near me help me furnish my home allowed me to see my idea of luxury realised, finding a home tailored to me that radiates sophistication and elegance.

luxury interior designers near me

Luxury trends: eco-frienldy and serene

What is luxury today? In interior design, it can mean many things. I asked the luxury interior designers near me to create something unique, not found in any other home, while respecting the luxury trends of this period. That is, first of all, the search for balance and harmony: I wanted something that would bring an aura of serenity. Then I wanted a flat that was environmentally friendly in every way, opting for a series of technological measures such as the implementation of a home automation system and an automatic cooling system that would allow me to move towards green building and not waste energy, as well as choosing eco-friendly and recyclable materials such as wood, glass and marble, which, among other things, when skilfully combined, have created something truly refined. The luxury designer next to me chose special textures that have personality, highlighted by classy lighting. As far as colours are concerned, I really like those inspired by nature, but I took the advice of the luxury interior designers near me in opting for something intense like the very modern Very Pery purple and gold and metal details that embellish the whole. And I am happy with it.

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