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Luxury interior design 2022: what are the most current trends?

Luxury interior design 2022

What are the most current trends in luxury interior design 2022? And what are the principles to be guided by in furnishing choices during the coming months?

Analysing the furnishing projects of newly built homes or renovations, interesting trends emerge. These are redesigning the way we live and furnish spaces in the home. Here are the ones you absolutely must not miss!

Luxury interior design 2022: well-being and harmony the guiding principles

Since the Covid-19 pandemic spread, time spent inside the home has increased and new needs have emerged. Through interior design choices, architects and interior designers are also trying to meet these needs and build homes shaped according to the wishes of their inhabitants.

Today more than ever, home environments must be transformed into an oasis of well-being. Well-being is interpreted in a holistic sense: it not only has to do with the physical, but also involves the mind and, in general, every aspect of life. Thus, furnishing projects are being enriched with home spas, gyms and spaces dedicated to yoga and meditation, and multifunctional environments.

Furniture flexibility is a trend that is strongly asserting itself in luxury interior design 2022. Depending on the needs of the moment, a living room can be transformed into a work space or a place to pursue one’s hobbies.

Another of the principles guiding the luxury interior design choices for 2022 is harmony. Harmony understood both from a more philosophical point of view, as a perfect balance between spirit and matter, and in the sense of coherence between the elements chosen to furnish the home.

In the trendiest luxury environments, it is common to find even daring combinations between contemporary furniture and accessories and retro or salvaged furniture. These choices may be dictated by the desire to have a personalised and unique piece of furniture. Or they may be the result of careful research into materials and objects that blend perfectly with the environment.

What are the most interesting luxury interior design trends 2022?

It is within this framework that the choices of the best architects and interior designers, called upon to furnish homes that, more and more often, also become places of work, a meeting place for friends and relaxation, fit in.

The search for ecological and eco-friendly solutions is now a consolidated trend, which in 2022 has become even more decisive. Furnishing choices are combined with green building and home automation to create an environment that guarantees minimum consumption of resources and maximum energy efficiency.

Recycling, recovery and sustainability are essential principles today, influencing the choice of materials to be included in the home and, in turn, the style to be given to the various spaces in the home.

Attention to the environment is also reflected in a greater focus on nature, which becomes the protagonist both indoors and outdoors. Terraces and gardens are filled with plants and flowers, while small vertical gardens are created in flats with little outdoor space. Nature also becomes the protagonist in 2022 in interiors, with palettes that recall its colours.

Elegant rooms with a personal touch take centre stage in the luxury interior design 2022

The sophistication of luxury interior design cannot be separated from the personalisation of spaces. In the choice of materials to be used for furnishings, luxury and uniqueness go hand in hand. Alongside sophisticated materials, such as the most sought-after marble and details in gold or other precious metals, designer furniture that is the result of careful restoration or unique pieces produced on request thus appear.

Also playing a leading role in the most exclusive furnishings of 2022 are special weaves and textures, which lend personality to fabrics, carpets and walls. The textures are brought to the fore and accentuated, also thanks to targeted lighting. The latter is realised through suspended chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps, which guarantee a perfect use of light.

The atmosphere of luxury interior design 2022 is warm and sophisticated, also thanks to the use of intense tones, accentuated by the presence of golden and metallic details. Depending on the style chosen for the furnishings, elements with an industrial or retro feel can be included, or complements in a more contemporary style.

Among the most popular shades for luxury interior design this year is Very Pery, a shade of purple, chosen by Pantone as the colour of the year. However, there are also shades that recall the colours of wood and various shades of green. If in the first case the ideal combination is with silver elements and in the second with gold, in the case of green both combinations can give a truly sophisticated touch to the ambience.

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