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Luxury home: how to furnish a high or very high quality home?

Luxury home

Carefully studying the furnishing of a luxury home is a good way to take inspiration or be amazed, and then incorporate some ideas into your own furnishing plans.

Generally speaking, luxury furniture  surprises with its harmony and charm, and manages to make every room in the house unique and special, without distinction. But what are the secrets of a luxuriously furnished home and how can you transfer some of the magic that surrounds the most exclusive homes into your own interior design projects? Let’s see it together in this article dedicated to how to furnish a luxury home!

What are the characteristics of luxury interior design?

Luxury interior design is something that is sought after by many when it comes to seeking perfection in one’s home. A luxury-inspired interior design project always involves the use of high-quality materials and a careful research process.

Through detailed planning, the appearance of each room in a luxury home can be defined in detail. This means selecting the most suitable furniture for each room, but also defining the lighting system, choosing decorative elements, textiles and possible upholstery.

Using refined materials, such as marble and precious woods, and combining the furniture and furnishings with top-quality textiles, such as silk or velvet, can create an ambience with an elegant and exclusive touch.

Specifically, in homes furnished in a luxurious style, furniture gives the room a very refined look, whether it is offered in a classic or modern design. Here, carefully choosing the design of the furniture is essential to create the ideal atmosphere, so as to make the home glamorous and elegant.

Ultimately, we can say that a luxury home is characterised by the presence of furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and has a high design value.

Luxury home

What are the interior design trends for a luxury home?

Luxury interior design can easily be recognised by its modern details, glamorous details that make the home unique, and the use of precious materials. In every historical era, the main focus of interior architecture devoted to the utmost opulence is to create rooms that are both cosy and aesthetically delightful.

In contemporary interior design, this goal is pursued through the use of original combinations of innovative and traditional elements, but also through a rather important use of technology. In contemporary luxury homes, technology is indeed the absolute star or almost the star. And it is appreciated above all for its ability to make life easier for the inhabitants of the dwelling.

In a luxury home, technology devices are scattered in different rooms and offer support for a long list of daily tasks. Digital assistants provide access to many different types of information, simply using voice commands, for example. On the other hand, home automation systems improve air quality and optimally regulate brightness and temperatures in each individual room.

And again: a luxury home cannot be called such if there are no exclusive and refined materials. If, until a few years ago, showing exotic and faraway materials was an added value for an interior design project, the most recent trends point to the rediscovery of materials linked to the territory.

A further feature that differentiates and makes luxury homes unique is the use of customised furniture and solutions. Being able to customise furniture not only allows one to make optimal use of available space, but also ensures that the furniture best reflects one’s personality and desires.

Luxury home

Luxury home and technology: how has technology transformed luxury homes?

When talking about luxury homes, it is impossible not to refer to technology as well. In fact, modernity is revolutionising even high-end and very high-end homes, and it is doing so in more ways than one. This trend is helping to create cutting-edge residences, capable of offering a level of comfort, safety and efficiency never seen before.

What are some of the most obvious technological transformations? We can undoubtedly mention the following:

  • Home automation

In recent years, home automation is becoming more and more sophisticated, and is truly indispensable in luxury residences. In particular, thanks to the most advanced home automation systems, it is possible to control lighting, heating, air conditioning, blinds, security, household appliances and many other aspects, simply by using a smartphone or voice commands. These new possibilities offer greater comfort and, not infrequently, significant energy savings.

  • Advanced security

The luxury home is now often equipped with highly sophisticated security systems, such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors, facial recognition and sometimes access via the owners’ fingerprint recognition. These security devices are integrated into the home automation network, thus providing complete (and customised) protection for the whole household.

  • Interactive environments

Immersive technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, are another must-have in the most luxurious homes. Specifically, these technological solutions find their way into projects to create unique experiences that would otherwise not be possible. For example, owners can take virtual tours of properties even before they are built. And that’s not all: future owners can use AR to design interiors or experiment with new furnishings, with the benefit of not having to actually buy them.

  • High-end electronics

The luxury home is in many cases equipped with high-end electronics. We are referring for instance to ultra HD televisions, wall screens, high-fidelity sound systems, home theatres and state-of-the-art projectors. Such devices can be integrated into the home automation system to create an entertainment experience that is fully customised.

  • Sustainability

The topic is topical for any type of residence, all the more so for the most valuable ones. Indeed, technology is revolutionising the way even the most luxurious homes approach sustainability and energy efficiency. So what? The integration of solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, energy consumption monitoring devices, and other green technologies – such as geothermal heat pumps and all other sustainable solutions – contribute to reducing total energy consumption. Such choices are indeed becoming more and more common, even in homes intended for the most refined and demanding clientele. After all, growing environmental awareness has led to a wider use of technological systems linked to renewable energies, making luxurious homes much more environmentally friendly.

  • Intelligent solutions that protect health and well-being

A few luxury homes have been designed to include the latest technologies for the well-being of their inhabitants. These include air and water control systems, biological lighting systems that regulate circadian rhythms, and even fitness and relaxation areas. The latter are consistently equipped with state-of-the-art exercise machines.

These are just a few examples of the many transformations that technology is bringing to the luxury home of our times. As technology continues to develop, it is quite likely that prestige residences will become more and more advanced, offering their lucky owners the perfect mix of comfort, functionality, sophistication and exclusivity.

Luxury home

What are the best tips for furnishing a luxury home?

Furnishing a luxury flat, loft or villa can be a lot of fun, but also quite challenging. The biggest challenge is to create an ambience that is both elegant and cosy, but also able to reflect the client’s style and taste.

When you are struggling with the interior design of your luxury home, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, give due consideration to particular aspects, such as the choice of colours, lighting and the shapes of the objects that will be present in the different rooms.

For each room, select the furniture and design elements that you consider most appropriate to give a specific character to that specific room. Accessories such as paintings, decorative carpets and vintage or salvaged elements are great allies of all interior designers and decorators. These furnishing elements are perfect when you want to bring a bit of colour into the room, but they are also crucial for finding the perfect balance with the furniture, and getting closer to the final goal.

One last piece of advice. To make your luxury home project even more unique, you can also add customised elements such as custom-made curtains or you can decide to cover the walls with colourful wallpapers made to order. The choice is yours!

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