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Luxurious wardrobes: step-by-step guide to choosing the right luxury wardrobe

Luxurious wardrobes

Thinking that a wardrobe should be an essentially functional piece of furniture is a mistake. Choosing luxurious wardrobes can really make the difference between a well-decorated home without personality and a home that would deserve the cover of an interior design magazine.

In luxury wardrobes, every aspect is designed with the utmost care, so that the furniture is comfortable and well-organised, but also gives the room an exclusive atmosphere.

What are the elements that distinguish a luxury wardrobe?

Luxurious wardrobes are perfect for furnishing not only domestic spaces, but also hotels, boutiques and clubs. The possibility of creating made-to-measure wardrobes makes it possible to create customised furniture that fits perfectly into the environment and is consistent with the overall atmosphere it should convey.

The luxury of these pieces of furniture is expressed not only through the high quality of the materials used to make them, but also in the pursuit of design lines and high quality manufacturing techniques.

Indeed, luxury wardrobes are the result of the work of various professionals, who work together in unison to achieve an excellent result. They start from the conception and design phase of the wardrobe, right through to the actual making of the furniture, involving highly experienced craftsmen and carpenters.

Working with experienced staff is a considerable advantage, since it offers the possibility of customising each project and finding new and tailor-made solutions. In this way, luxury wardrobes can become the centrepiece of the bedroom furniture, but they can also find a place in other rooms of the house, such as hallways, stairwells or walk-in wardrobes. The furnishing possibilities are therefore varied.

However, what all luxurious wardrobes have in common is their great ability to create a refined and exclusive atmosphere. They are furniture that not only fulfil a precise organisational function, but are also capable of engaging the senses and arousing emotions in those who admire and use them.

How can you make the most of luxurious wardrobes in the furnishing of your home?

In addition to their refined lines and the use of high-quality materials, luxury wardrobes also differ from more common wardrobes in their ability to optimally interpret the objectives set by the interior design project.

It is understandable: furnishing with luxury wardrobes means moving in harmonious and refined environments. On the other hand, the lines and colours with which luxurious wardrobes are made integrate perfectly with the rest of the furniture and give the room a naturally elegant look. Depending on the space in which it is located, the wardrobe can therefore blend in with the armchairs and benches, the bed frame or the mirrors and accessories that enrich the bedroom or walk-in wardrobe.

Each manufacturer of luxury  wardrobes gives a personal interpretation of the furniture and offers innovative versions and original designs. The most contemporary solutions involve the use of modular and sectional structures, depending on each individual’s specific needs. The number of doors, internal subdivision and external details are easily customised and modified, depending on storage needs and space constraints. One of the aspects that most influences the aesthetics of a luxury wardrobe is the system chosen for closing its doors. Many of the luxury wardrobes that are made with a rigorous style have hinged doors, while the models with a more contemporary taste have sliding doors or present an alternation of closed and open-opening modules. Here too: the possibilities for choice and customisation are maximum.

Some tips for furnishing your home with luxurious wardrobes

For the end result to be truly unique, a balance between functionality, aesthetics and luxury must be found in the interior design project. This is true for any piece of furniture, but it is even more true when it comes to choosing the characteristics of a luxurious wardrobe.

Indeed, the refinement of materials and details cannot compromise the practicality of the furniture. At the same time, it is good that the more practical aspects, on which the convenience of daily use of the luxury wardrobe depends, do not overshadow the role played by the finishes, the properties of the wood or the properties of the other materials used in the structure of the furniture.

When designing the furnishings of the room, then, it is necessary to take into account the other furniture present and the way the room itself fits into the more general context of the house. For example, in the bedroom of a house furnished in a contemporary and minimalist style, you may decide to focus on a luxurious wardrobe with an essential design. Or you may decide to create a capacious walk-in wardrobe, which can become the point of reference for managing the wardrobe of the whole family.

Luxurious wardrobes and design solutions can also be the right choice for furnishing different spaces in the home, as is the case with a built-in wardrobe. They can also be the right furniture choice for commercial spaces, as is the case for boutiques or luxury hotels.

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