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For our Lugano furniture , we want quality, attention and breadth of choice

Lugano furniture

Furnishing, a complex task, our furniture is a guarantee

Over the years, the focus on furnishing has grown more and more, with ever greater attention to detail, just as the possibilities on the market have proliferated, both in terms of the number of active competitors and the styles and combinations possible.

If choosing the interior design and details of one’s home is a complex task, where only attention to every single complement and element can make the difference, resorting to our Lugano furniture  is and remains the winning choice.

What our Lugano furniture  has to offer

We at Piccolo are active with our showroom in Lugano, a city on the shores of Lake Lugano that can be reached in just a few hours, either by train or by car, even from places like Zurich and Milan (and which also offers the possibility of spending a different day in the pursuit of tourism, shopping, fine dining, and mountain and lake landscapes), for two generations and represent a long series of prestigious brands, both made in Italy and international.

Thanks to our experience and the prestige our company has acquired over the years, we have selected, and continue to carefully select, the furniture houses with which we collaborate.

From holiday home to hotel, prestige furniture for all needs

We want to be able to offer the best with our Lugano furniture , to distinguish ourselves from the competition and to be certain that we can guarantee all our customers the best furniture for their city house but also for their mountain or seaside home and for their shop, their hotel or their restaurant. Thanks to our collaboration with many prestigious brands, we know that we only have furniture of a high standard, combining the functionality that makes them suitable for every reality with the choice of the best materials (from wood to steel to upholstery, from leather to fabric).

We want suppliers who take care of the details and finishes of their creations, so that they are refined, elegant and unique, able to make a difference in any context, and to last over time without losing their beauty.

Many prestigious brands for classic and modern styles

Lugano furniture

Well aware of how much the world of furnishing has become more and more complex, we have chosen and daily choose brands that have furniture of every style in their catalogue. We want to be a point of reference for those who want a classic-style home and at the same time have a wide range of solutions available for those who prefer modern interior design. For this reason, we collaborate to lookf for Lugano furniture both with brands that are experts in one style rather than another and with lines that have such a vast catalogue that they can offer ideas for anyone, including those who love shabby, oriental, Nordic and country.

Lugano furniture  is for small, large and even unusual spaces, with made-to-measure solutions

The needs of those who furnish can be very different. Among our furniture, it is possible to find space-saving solutions to make small, even studio apartments functional and complete, without forgetting the aesthetic aspect that makes them beautiful to look at. In fact, small and practical does not have to be the antithesis of beauty!

At del Piccolo you can also find solutions for furnishing large spaces, find Lugano furniture  to be able to divide and make space flow. We also want to be useful to those who have particular square metres that are difficult to furnish with what exists on the market, with attics, thanks to our collaboration with numerous design carpentries for made-to-measure furniture. We pay attention to technological developments and respect for the environment.

Not only the best Lugano furniture: our services help give a unique touch

Lugano furniture

But we do not only offer the best furniture on the market. With our services, we support customers in their choice and design, helping them to organise and create spaces that meet their needs and speak of them. We are particularly proud of our knowledge of the artistic world, able to find for each person the work of art that will make each room unique.

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Il Piccolo, a second generation family business, opens its showroom in Lugano. With over 50 years of experience, Il Piccolo brings with it a wealth of technical and design knowledge of the highest level, thanks to the many interiors designed and furnished around the world. In addition, Il Piccolo represents many of the best international luxury furniture brands. We design, manufacture and sell the best in design. Also with regard to La Cornue kitchens, we follow the customer from the design to the realisation of the project, integrating the whole process with a precise and professional service.CONTACT US

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