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Living room furniture with fireplace, adaptable to any style. And if you don’t want to use wood…

How to place a living room unit with fireplace to best effect

If you want to place a living room furniture unit with fireplace in what has always been the living area par excellence, you must take a three-dimensional approach to the living room itself. Furnishing a living room with a fireplace means having to respect constraints, but at the same time the solution offers many opportunities.

The ideal position for a piece of furniture with a fireplace is in the centre of the living room, to give it a great visual impact, but only if the size of the room allows it. If the living room is small, you can opt for a built-in fireplace.

There are different types of living room furniture with a fireplace: those who choose a corner fireplace can make it stand out by placing it between a couple of armchairs and with two or more spotlights in the ceiling. A wall-mounted fireplace is easier to adapt to any room, also because it is usually placed in the centre of the room. Here too you can enhance it with the classic two armchairs or two chairs or a low table.

Living room furniture with a fireplace can accommodate objects or a TV set

The living room furniture around the fireplace allows you to make the best use of the space, for example by using the upper part to store objects used only for special occasions, while in the lower part you can insert larger containers and optimise the space.

Do not underestimate the idea of placing a television above the fireplace unit, especially if the customer’s living room is in a modern style; today’s flat televisions do not require much depth and, by inserting insulation screens, it is possible to prevent them from being damaged by the heat emanating from the fireplace. The TV set can also be placed next to the living room furniture with fireplace, just as the area around the furniture with fireplace can be enriched with a small bookcase and shelves for storing, for example, books and music CDs. The furniture itself usually has plenty of compartments for storing electronic devices.

For lovers of living room furniture with a fireplace and nature, there is the bioethanol fireplace.

Nature-conscious people will appreciate the bio-fireplace, which runs on bioethanol, an ethanol of biological origin. It is a high-energy fuel block that produces no smoke, no smell and no soot. Some bioethanol fireplaces also have a removable fireguard. Stainless steel inserts are a versatile piece of furniture that allows a stainless steel frame to be inserted; the minimalist design allows it to fit into both classic and modern style furniture.

And who wants a fireplace in the living room but doesn’t want to get up from the sofa? There’s a piece of furniture for that too

Living room furniture with an electric fireplace is well suited to the needs of those who don’t want to give up a fireplace in their living area but don’t want the commitment of its maintenance. This type of furniture with a fireplace is well suited to any type of living room, increasing its brightness. The electric fireplace has a remote control so that it can be switched on and off and adjusted without getting up from the sofa. The powers are adjustable. The flame effect offers different effects; it has a built-in timer.  And for each one there is a complete aromatherapy set.

Fear of flues? Living room furniture with bioethanol fireplace eliminates the problem

Living room furniture with a fireplace enriches any living space by providing a warm atmosphere. There is a wide choice of colours, so the element can be harmoniously integrated into the living room decor. While we are often discouraged by flues and give up on the idea of a piece of furniture with a fireplace, the solutions of the bioethanol and electric fireplace furniture eliminate the problem of flues. They are designed to fit into your living room without the worry of wood supply or the hassle of smoke and ash. They are also particularly attractive solutions in terms of elegance and originality for those who want a living room furniture unit with a fireplace.


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