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Living room decor ideas: 7 tips for choosing style and furniture for your living room

Living room decor ideas

In today’s article, we talk about living room decor ideas. Let’s start by saying that the living room is one of the most difficult rooms in the house to furnish. It is indeed a space in the home where different members of the family spend a lot of time and in which various activities take place. Living room furniture , moreover, must be designed to last over time and must then be consistent with that of other home spaces.

We have collected seven different living room decor ideas to help interior designers, architects, specifiers and simple furniture enthusiasts achieve an optimal result. Let’s see what they are.

Put a comfortable sofa in the centre of the room

The sofa is absolutely the main protagonist of living room furniture . It can be a designer model, a sofa bed or a large corner sofa: whichever solution you choose, it is essential to check that it has a comfortable structure.

In order to choose the right sofa for your living room, it is necessary to consider not only the size of the model, but also the softness and strength of its outer coverings and upholstery. Hand-crafted models are the ones that guarantee the best results, as they are able to balance excellent construction quality and design.

Choose a comfortable and spacious table

After the sofa, the second element to consider when looking for living room decor ideas is the dining table. The table is the space around which people gather with family and friends. It is often located in the centre of the room, so that it immediately catches the attention of those entering the living room.

Choosing a designer table, made from an original mix of materials or with unusual lines, is a good idea to give character and quality to your living room. If you have a table with simpler lines, you can add a touch of creativity by choosing chairs in a contrasting colour or chairs that are different from each other.

Complete the room with some decorative elements

Furnishing accessories and decorations are of great help to achieve a customised result and to create a link between the different components of the interior design. And they give different living room decor ideas.

Matching curtains and textiles, for example, convey a great sense of order and harmony. On the other hand, the presence of pots and flowering plants emphasises the naturalness of the living room décor.

Living room decor ideas

Make full use of living room walls

Although their importance is often underestimated, walls can play a central role in living room furniture choices. If you have chosen to leave a large part of the walls bare, you can still enhance them by installing paintings, tapestries or small artistic carpets.

Painting the walls in different colours or using wallpaper with special decorations also helps to create an original ambience. such solutions also give the room a certain personality.

Make the living room cosier with a luxury carpet

What other living room decor ideas? Often, simply adding a large luxury carpet to a room immediately warms the atmosphere and makes the room more cosy and comfortable.

The many models of luxury carpets available make it easy to find the ideal solution for each project. Depending on the result you want to achieve or on the requirements the carpet has to meet, you can opt for a made-to-measure model or for an artefact made of a specific material.

As this is one of the most frequented rooms in the home, in the living room one usually chooses to place a rug made of wool, which is warm and resistant. At the same time, cotton and jute models can also be considered.

Install a good lighting system

The intensity and temperature of the lights have a profound influence on the way the living room looks and the feelings the furniture evokes in the people in the room. Here, too, there are several living room decor ideas. Designing a good lighting system and creating a good integration between natural and artificial light is essential to achieve an excellent result.

Through lighting, it is possible, for example, to emphasise certain points in the room, such as a particular piece of furniture on which you want to focus attention or a work of art placed in the room.

In small or poorly lit living rooms, you can also install mirrors and light surfaces to reflect light and make the space appear larger and brighter.

Living room decor ideas

Choose a harmonious and appealing colour palette

What other living room decor ideas? The colours chosen to furnish a living room precisely define the style of the room and largely determine its success or otherwise.

In order to achieve an elegant and sophisticated result, it is important to ensure that there is a certain coherence between the colours chosen for the furniture and those chosen for the accessories and decorative elements.

One last practical tip. Checking the harmony between the various patterns and decorative motifs in the living room is also crucial to achieving an aesthetically pleasing décor.

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