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Linear modern kitchens: what are they? [Guide to choice]

Linear modern kitchens: what are they? [Guide to choice]

Modern linear kitchens are a good idea for those who like to interpret more traditional interior design solutions in a contemporary way. Having the kitchen units arranged on a single wall enhances the functional character of the various modules.

To get the most out of a furnishing solution using this type of kitchen, the key is good planning. A design that takes into account the space available and the order in which you move between the pantry, sink and cooker.

What are the advantages of modern fitted kitchens?

With their functional and simple structure, modern linear kitchens allow you to concentrate everything you need in a small space to have a perfectly organised room.

The linear wall layout is the most traditional solution. The motivation behind this choice is not only linked to interior design trends. In the past, the wall arrangement was often used because people lived in small houses, where the kitchen was seen as a functional space for preparing and eating meals.

More recently, the space occupied by the kitchen in modern homes has expanded, but the linear arrangement of furniture continues to convince. The most appreciated aspect of this furnishing solution is the feeling of order that it gives to the room. All activities follow a logical sequence and you can move from the sink to the worktop to the cooker quickly and efficiently.

The alternation of storage wall units, open shelves and modules with different volumes gives personality to the environment, while the use of space-saving solutions allows you to make the most of every inch of the kitchen.
When talking about modern linear kitchens, one aspect not to be underestimated is the variety of materials with which modern linear kitchens can be made. Those who are nostalgic for the past and those who have chosen to furnish their homes in a rustic or vintage style can opt for a modern kitchen in wood, for example.

Those who love contemporary design can find their ideal kitchen by browsing through lacquered wood or laminate models. In both cases, these materials are ideal for the kitchen, as their properties make them resistant to humidity and temperature changes.

Linear modern kitchens: what are they? [Guide to choice]

When is it appropriate to furnish a modern linear kitchen?

You can decide to furnish a small space or an open space with a modern linear kitchen. In the first case the choice is due to the need to adapt to the size of the room, while in the second case the reason may be functional or aesthetic. You may choose a linear kitchen because you think it is more practical than a modern kitchen with an island or because you want to leave the kitchen visible, so as to enhance every detail.

It is a good idea to leave the kitchen visible when you opt for modern designer furniture. Whether it is a question of bright colours, details in glass, aluminium or steel or original lines, with this configuration it is possible to capture every detail of the model chosen.

Linear modern kitchens: what are they? [Guide to choice]

What are the possible compositions offered by modern linear kitchens?

When designing a kitchen of this type, it is necessary to reconcile the dimensions of the wall on which to place the furniture and the space requirements of those who will use the kitchen. Considering the standard dimensions, we start from 3-metre linear kitchens and go up to 5-metre linear kitchens, perfect for lofts and open spaces.

If the wall of the room is not wide enough to accommodate all the furniture, you can decide to arrange the modules on two walls or move only some elements. It is not uncommon to find linear kitchens with an external fridge: in this case the main wall of the kitchen houses the sink, the worktops and the cooker, while the fridge is placed in an adjacent wall.

There are no particular constraints when it comes to electrical appliances in modern kitchens. You can choose to leave the refrigerator, oven and dishwasher visible, especially when you choose models with elegant lines or when you have chosen an industrial or ultra-modern style for your home, or you can opt for built-in appliances, especially if you want to maintain clean lines and want to give uniformity to the furnishings.

The absence of islands and peninsulas allows you to freely complete the furnishing of the room. You can reinforce the elegance of the simplest linear modern kitchen compositions with tables and chairs with a classic look. Or add colour and a touch of personality with designer furniture.

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