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Lazy Susan: What is it? How to incorporate it into your home decor?

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is a practical revolving tray, which originated as an accessory to be used in the kitchen, and which in modern interior design is used in a versatile manner in various rooms of the home, to facilitate home organisation.

Integrated into the furniture structure or movable, this accessory can make all the difference and can help to combine functionality and style. So let’s get to know it better.

The Lazy Susan: what is it? History of a practical and versatile accessory

The Lazy Susan is an accessory with an intriguing history, worth getting to know. It was born as a revolving tray, to be placed in the centre of the dining table, to simplify the distribution of food between diners during meals. It was first advertised in a magazine in the early 20th century, in the United States, and almost everyone agrees that its success was due to the meeting of Oriental, particularly Chinese, and American cultures.

Although the origin of the name of this furnishing accessory is still a mystery, this has not prevented it from winning the hearts of many designers and interior design enthusiasts.

One of the strengths of the Lazy Susan is its versatility. It can be integrated into the table structure, acting as a complement for the table top base, or it can simply be placed on top of the table. The first solution is advisable if you want to make the tray the protagonist of the kitchen décor, while the second choice responds better to the need for practicality and allows the tray to be inserted into the scene only when it is really needed.

If you opt for a Lazy Susan integrated into the table, you must pay close attention to the choice of materials with which the object is created. The most traditional choice is to use wood for a classic piece of furniture and crystal for a modern piece of furniture.

Those who wish to obtain a more original result can think of combining different materials: a wooden Lazy Susan to be combined with a marble table  allows the room to be warmed up, while a stone turning tray to be placed on a glass table adds a touch of elegance.

Lazy Susan

What are the best ideas for using this tray in the home?

The Lazy Susan is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in different ways within an interior design project. So let’s see how to make the most of it.

The most natural combination is with a round dining table . We have already mentioned that you can choose to use a Lazy Susan tray in the same material as the table or choose to use different materials to create an original contrast between the various elements.

As an alternative to round tables, one can consider placing such a tray in the centre of a square dining table. In this case, as with round tables, all diners will be at the same distance from the centre and will be able to serve themselves comfortably, turning the tray if necessary.

Those who wish to integrate a Lazy Susan at their table should bear in mind that this solution is valid both indoors and outdoors. If during warm weather the family takes their meals in the garden or on the terrace, using a rotating tray of this type is a great idea to encourage the sharing of meals.

Any other tips? Such a revolving tray can also be used to enhance a rectangular table. In this case, the piece of furniture in question is used more as a design solution than as a functional element. Even if in a rectangular table people are not at the same distance from the centre, this is certainly not a problem: the tray can still be used strategically.

Even in the kitchen, the Lazy Susan proves to be a formidable tool for organising spices, containers and small utensils. The revolving trays can find a place either on worktops or inside pantry cupboards. 

An overview of the many uses of the Lazy Susan in the home

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan, originally used exclusively as an accessory to be used on the dining table to simplify the distribution of food, has proven over time to have great versatility. In modern interior design, trays of this type can have various creative uses, so that they can find a place in different rooms of the house.

In the kitchen, the Lazy Susan has earned a special place as an organisation system. Placed on the kitchen island or worktop, it facilitates access to spices, condiments and utensils. In the pantry, it helps keep food stocks, canned goods and bottles tidy.

In the bathroom, the tray can be integrated into the countertop of the cabinet to allow quick access to cosmetics, beauty products and personal care accessories. This means saying goodbye to time-consuming searches among the various bottles and jars, making one’s morning routine much smoother.

One last suggestion. Lazy Susan trays can also be placed inside the wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe. By using different containers, jewellery, belts, ties and many other small accessories can be neatly organised.

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