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Laundry room luxury : what furniture and accessories should be considered?

Laundry room luxury

Designing a laundry room luxury  is a real challenge for interior designers.

Indeed, transforming a ‘service’ room into a luxurious space requires great attention. In this sense, there are many aspects to be assessed and acted upon. We list them in this article, providing you with a timely guide on how to solve them brilliantly.

What are the main things to know before designing a laundry room luxury ?

Even more so than in other spaces in the home, when you have the task of designing a laundry room luxury , it is essential to balance functionality and aesthetics. To be more precise, aesthetic choices should never compromise the functionality of the room, which was created to optimise the management of washing, drying and ironing of the family’s clothes.

Every furnishing and organisational choice must be made taking into account their ability to optimise the use of space and simplify the tasks of those who will use the room. For this reason, it is necessary not to stop at the aesthetic level, but to go beneath the surface and ask oneself whether the solutions identified really meet the furnishing objective.

Before embarking on the furnishing project specifically, it is important to identify the essential characteristics of the space to be furnished. In particular, it is useful to know whether the laundry room has been accommodated in a separate room or whether it has been obtained from a larger space, such as the attic.

But there is more. Considering the size of the space is to all intents and purposes an excellent starting point for the development of the furnishing plan. Specifically, knowing how many square metres the laundry room luxury  is spread over, checking whether there is at least one window and checking the brightness of the room are aspects that make it possible to derive very useful information for defining the way in which this room of the house should be organised.

What should never be missing in the design of a laundry room luxury ?

Laundry room luxury

When designing a high-stylish laundry room, one must always keep in mind the main objective: to create a functional environment in which to wash, dry and iron the linen and clothing of all the people living in the home.

The first thing to do is therefore to define the arrangement of appliances and other furniture components. A cabinet containing a washing machine and dishwasher inside is an excellent solution to achieve a luxurious and elegant result. This kind of cabinet has hinged or sliding doors, which can be closed when the appliances are not in use, thus hiding them from view.

Such a cabinet can also be custom-designed. In this way, not only will the cabinet adapt perfectly to the size of the appliances used in the home, but also drawers and shelves can be provided for storing and organising everything needed for laundry care, such as laundry baskets, detergents, additives, fabric softeners and accessories, such as clothes pegs or lint brushes.

Checking that drains and system connections are correctly positioned and fully functional is essential. If you plan to air-dry your laundry, it is equally important to make sure that there is good ventilation in the room. From this point of view, it is necessary to check the level of air exchange itself and, if there is a risk of moisture accumulation that can damage the walls and furniture, you may decide to install an ad hoc system. That is, a system that eliminates excess humidity and keeps the air fresh and healthy.

What elements should be added to customise the design of your laundry room luxury ?

Laundry room luxury

A laundry room luxury  can be customised and made even more functional by adding a washbasin. A masonry or fragranite model can give a luxurious touch to the room and, at the same time, harmonise with the furnishing style chosen in the rest of the house.

Another tip? Inserting retractable drying racks is an elegant and space-saving solution that is very useful in rooms of all sizes. In this way, you can create more areas in which to hang out the laundry, remembering to offer the drying racks at different heights, so that sheets and tablecloths can also be placed without them touching the floor.

When designing the laundry room, do not forget to provide worktops, which can be used for folding laundry or for placing clothes to be sorted or baskets. These worktops should naturally be positioned in a reasoned manner, to minimise movement. Ideally, they should be placed near the drying or ironing area for washed clothes.

Lastly, again with a view to personalising the space dedicated to the laundry room luxury , one can consider placing a rug in the centre of the location. In particular, we refer to a handcrafted model, because it helps to make the laundry area a more comfortable and luxurious environment. Adding mirrors can also be a good idea, especially if you need to make the space feel larger and brighter than it actually is.

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