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Laundry furniture, practical and space-saving for a functional room

Laundry furniture

Washing machine at home, washing when you want: what a convenience!

One of the conveniences probably most appreciated by people of all ages is being able to wash one’s clothes whenever one wants, practically at any time. Those who have even had to resort to washing facilities in the past know something about this, but so do those who, living in apartment blocks, have always had to wait for their appointed shift, usually a half-day or one day a week, where they have to rush to do all their laundry. What a facilitation, however, to have one’s own washing machine. With the possibility, provided by more and more flats as well as detached houses, of having one’s own washing machine in the home, the need arises to choose the right laundry furniture.

In the bathroom or in a dedicated room, what furniture to choose for a laundry room

The laundry room is a special room because it is unlikely to be visited by guests and is perhaps one of the only ones where aesthetic beauty can take second place to practicality. Sometimes you are lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to it, other times the washing machine finds its place in the bathroom (and at that point, the aesthetic aspect counts, particularly if it is a bathroom also used for relaxing with a bathtub or shower: the washing machine cannot be in sight!). Even in certain contexts there is the possibility of having a dryer as well, an additional convenience which, however, requires a certain amount of attention when deciding on one’s laundry furniture.

Laundry furniture

Vertical column development, great for a tumble dryer or a cupboard

So how do you choose them? In the first instance, it is advisable to choose a vertical development, so as to make the most of the space without having it empty and therefore thrown away. If you have enough space, of course, you can develop both horizontally and vertically, but if space is lacking, laundry furniture  designed as columns are perfect, suitable and practical. Thanks to them, it is in fact possible to place the two machines one on top of the other, having them available in just a few metres, to pass clothes from one to the other while also saving space. On the other hand, when there is only the washing machine, you can use the vertical development that remains unused, i.e. above or below, to provide a chest of drawers or a cupboard.

If the washing machine and tumble dryer find a place in the bathroom, it is important that they are hidden from view by providing functional tall units that can hold them. The same can also apply to a room used only as a laundry room. The cabinet can have two or four doors, like a classic wardrobe, but if you want to save space when opening, consider a solution with a rollaway opening. If you can, it is a good idea to place other cupboards with drawers and wall units, perhaps with modular systems: space is never too much and you will find a way to fill it.

The wash basin is indispensable

What laundry furniture is indispensable, however, apart from the washing machine? It may sound old-fashioned, yet the wash basin is something you must have. Not everything can be washed in the washing machine, and having water on hand, to remove stains or even just wash your hands, is useful. There are very practical washroom cabinets, less than one metre high, which is also ergonomic, with a sink and a space underneath with additional drawers. For those who like to hang out, you can choose wall-mounted clotheslines, which work by pulling wires.

Laundry furniture

What material for laundry furniture?

As far as material is concerned, there are several options for furniture for one’s laundry room. The first is wood, which is durable, although it needs to be maintained to look good. It can be a good investment if the laundry room is located in the bathroom. For laundry rooms only, you can opt for MDF, wood fibreboard, or a chipboard called melamine faced. For washroom furniture, ceramic, resin and thermosetting plastic are suitable: they resist water and allow it to be placed in the bathroom.

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