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When a complement makes the difference: a large mirror for reflecting light

 large mirror

In interior design, details, like the mirror, make the difference

In modern interior design, enormous attention is paid to every detail of every room, from those designed to be more representative to those that are purely functional and which, with well thought-out fittings and furnishings, become beautiful to look at. Often, in the myriad of high-quality, made-to-measure products on the market, it is the details that really make the difference and make a space unique. For example, a large mirror is the complement that gives a refined touch to any room, from the bedroom to sometimes anonymous spaces such as hallways and entrances.

A large mirror is useful but not only

The mirror is an element that can be considered a wild card, because it can be placed almost anywhere in the home, from rooms to bathrooms and even living rooms, because, with adaptations, it is perfect in any style, and because it is practical and functional as well as an elegant complement par excellence. Choosing it large and with attention to detail and finish brings an aura of elegance, it is practical for those who have to look in the mirror, and it has an effect on the overall appearance of the room in which it is located.

Bedroom, entrance hall and bathroom, when looking in is indispensable

A large mirror is usually almost indispensable in a bedroom, whether you have a walk-in wardrobe with dressing space or a wardrobe. If possible, a full-length mirror is provided. It is very useful for looking at the effect of clothes in the morning when getting ready. A similar role is played by a mirror provided in a room such as the entrance hall, where one puts on one’s jacket and a look before leaving is always useful. Usually another room where this useful and beautiful accessory is not disregarded is the bathroom, where it is most often placed above the sink.

 large mirror

Reflecting light, a large mirror enlarges the room

But mirrors, as mentioned, do not only have the practical function of looking at oneself. Being essentially made of glass, they have a great ability to reflect light and thus create very refined effects, playing with lighting and natural light. Thanks to these qualities, they can be used for decorative purposes, for example in living rooms, where they are usually placed above dressers or in a strategic corner, a solution that is also original and capable of furnishing even a space that might otherwise remain empty and anonymous. A large mirror, by reflecting light, is capable of giving a feeling of spaciousness to a room and is therefore an excellent idea for visually ‘enlarging’ a somewhat small space. It can be used in this sense in any room, including corridors, which in most cases are little used.

For every style, its own large mirror. And for the superstitious.

A large mirror is therefore that element that can be placed anywhere, that furnishes and makes unique the space where it is placed, whether on a piece of furniture or on the floor. There are mirrors suitable for every room and every style, from the decidedly opulent ones that evoke luxury (think, for example, of the stately residences of the times, which were a riot of important and extremely elegant mirrors), to the minimalist and essential ones of a very modern style. An original choice is to arrange it horizontally. Curious is that for many traditions, a mirror that breaks brings bad luck. But if the glass is of quality and properly treated, this does not happen easily.

 large mirror

Materials and frame colours for large mirrors

While the mirror surface is practically always made of glass, with a few exceptions for crystal, for frames and structures one can indulge. You can have a large mirror with a frame made of wood, metal, steel or even, for something really refined and luxurious, gold or special materials such as resin and ceramic. The frame is itself more or less often, or even absent, a design element, as is its finish and decoration.

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