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What does it mean to have a large dining table?

large dining table

The dining table, much loved in every style

Eating together is one of the most popular occasions for getting together, and it is no coincidence that, despite changing trends in interior design, we often tend to design the corner that will be used for it with care. Although moderns like to replace the classic island counter with dynamic, slender stools, many still prefer a large dining table if they have the possibility.

For many guests or to be comfortable, why choose a large dining table

Having a large tableseems to encapsulate the premise of dinners with lots of guests, in cheerfulness and conviviality. This is not always possible, however, if the available space is not enormous, and smaller solutions must be resorted to.

One must take into account, when choosing, how many people will actually sit around the table, because even having it too large in proportion to the diners would risk appearing dispersive. You can however choose a particularly large table even for a few people, if you like to be large and comfortable. There are in fact minimum dimensions to ensure that you can move around easily, then you can increase them as you wish.

The extendable, space-saving and dynamic solution

If you want a large dining table, don’t have enough space and yet sometimes have guests, you could opt for an extendable one, which when closed is small and when opened becomes much larger. There will be no clutter when not needed, while when needed, there will be room for everyone, perhaps squeezing in a little. The extendable idea is also good for those who want a versatile piece of furniture that can change size and sometimes even shape (e.g. a square one becomes rectangular, a round one oval).

Shape in relation to size

large dining table

But what does it mean to have a large-sized table? Intuitively, one could say that it is a large piece of furniture in relation to the room it is in, of which it becomes the focal point and most important. If you want figures, when talking about a large dining table, you have to start with the shape. In fact, the footprint and the space required vary greatly. By large, then, you can mean a table that is large because it seats so many people or because it leaves a lot of space for everyone.

Table, the shape says what kind of dining you want

When choosing a table in general, one must not forget that shape is as important a feature as, and perhaps more so, material and lines. Square and round ones speak of conviviality and informality, without the head of the table, rectangular and oval ones carry a hierarchy, with defined roles. At the same time, however, for a large dining table, rectangular and oval solutions are often indicated, for a question of bulk.

It is calculated that one usually has to provide 40 centimetres at the front and 60 centimetres at the sides in order to be comfortable. In practice, the standard dimensions for a square table for four people are about 80 centimetres per side, for a rectangular one 80 centimetres by 120 centimetres, and for a round one an 80 centimetre diameter. Any piece of furniture that considerably increases these measurements can be considered large.

In conclusion, what are the dimensions of a large dining table?

large dining table

When you want to choose a table that can actually seat a large number of diners, it is not easy to work out how much space you need. For example, to seat about ten people, a respectable number, a large rectangular large dining table will have a size of at least 220 centimetres by 260 centimetres, to which about sixty centimetres must be added (to the side) to accommodate chairs.

If a round shape is chosen, the diameter will be at least 180 centimetres. So, as you can see, you have to calculate well what square footage you have available. If you opt for a dining table that is too large in comparison to the room, there is a risk that you will not be able to be comfortable and that the aesthetics will also be unattractive, with an oversized piece of furniture that, in addition to taking away space from the rest, will appear almost suffocating.

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