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Ladies’ walk-in closet, how to turn a piece of furniture into a pampering space

Ladies’ walk-in closet

Not just a storage space, what a walk-in wardrobe can be for a woman

A space in which to store one’s wardrobe in an orderly and skilful manner, enhancing it by arranging it, if desired, in an open solution or with transparent doors. It is at the same time a place all to oneself, where one can dress and perhaps pamper oneself while applying make-up. The ladies’ walk-in closet    is often much more than just a storage solution for clothes!

Where to start when creating a ladies’ walk-in closet   ?

In order to create a walk-in wardrobe that goes beyond the normal practical and design functions for a woman, becoming an enrichment not only for the room but also for the lady herself and her well-being, it is necessary, as always, to start with strict organisation and then think about the dressing and make-up area.

Organisation is key for small and large walk-in wardrobes

When designing this extremely popular piece of furniture because it can be adapted to everyone’s needs, you must first understand what will be stored in it. This is a basic premise both if you are dealing with a small ladies’ walk-in closet   , where space-saving solutions will be needed, and if you can envisage something larger. Without a logical concept of where to put the various types of clothes, space would be wasted. Once you have decided how and what to store, you can move on to the relaxation part of the walk-in wardrobe.

The relationship between organisation and the relaxation area in a woman’s walk-in wardrobe

Ladies’ walk-in closet

One of the differences between a walk-in and a wardrobe is that the former can become a room within a room, where one can also dress. The dressing room corner therefore becomes important for a woman who wants to start the day by making herself beautiful. A comfortable seat and a mirror, if possible full-length, are necessary. The more organised the area for clothes, the more space you will have, both in height and width. For those who like to apply make-up, it is useful to provide a make-up corner in the ladies’ walk-in closet   .

Materials, what to use in a ladies’ walk-in closet  

As mentioned, to create a truly relaxing space, you should focus on luxury and details that please the eye. There are many materials for a walk-in wardrobe, from wood to metal, and even plasterboard for lighter solutions that can be introduced at a later date. If the woman wants her wardrobe to be visible from the outside, becoming a design element, she can choose an open walk-in wardrobe or, to avoid dust, glass or crystal doors. These can be embellished with a very refined smoked decoration.

Touches and cares make the dressing room and make-up corner unique

In a ladies’ walk-in closet   , it is essential to take care of the dressing room area. The seat should be made of a high-quality material, perhaps velvet or even silk or leather. If you want to opt for a simpler material, such as linen, choose a special, elegant weave. The mirror must be refined: it can have frames, in inlaid wood, wrought metal or decorative resin, if not even gold and silver, to be recalled in other details of the cabin, or edges with particular shapes, bevelled or engraved. It can be decorated with wall sconces. To make everything more luxurious, take care of all the details, adding fine finishes.

Ladies’ walk-in closet

For a quality ladies’ walk-in closet   , light is very important

Fundamental to a walk-in wardrobe that can be a woman’s pampering is the lighting. It must allow her to find her clothes quickly, but also to enhance them. It must be an ally while she dresses and does her make-up. So, don’t just focus on external lighting but also on spotlights or LED strips inside the various elements of the cabinets, from the shelves to the make-up corner and mirrors, carefully choosing colour and gradation. In fact, a natural white light is best for make-up, which can be dimmed and is positioned so as not to create shadows on the face, which allows you to see yourself but without being excessive.

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