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Kitchen with sink under window

A kitchen with a sink under the window is a rather common solution in American homes, while, in principle, it is a novelty in Italian or Ticino homes.

However, this trend is spreading quite rapidly and those who choose this solution especially appreciate its versatility and ability to exploit space in a new way. So let’s see what are the most important aspects to take into account when considering the design of a kitchen that has the sink right under one of the windows.

Why choose a kitchen with a sink under the window?

In the most classic configurations of kitchens, the furniture is arranged in a linear or angular arrangement, leaving the wall with the window free. This solution is used both as a matter of practicality and as a matter of habit.

For some years now, more and more people are choosing to arrange the kitchen around the window. A configuration of this type has several advantages. The most immediate are the possibility of making the most of the space, especially if we are talking about a small room, and to enhance the brightness of the room.

Arranging the kitchen sink under the window ensures that the areas where you work on food preparation are flooded with natural light during the day. The presence of light, on the one hand, enhances the design of the kitchen and, on the other hand, can have beneficial effects on the mood and well-being of those who move around the house.

Kitchens with the sink under the window are particularly indicated when you enjoy a view of a garden or if, from the window, you enjoy a pleasant view. Being able to prepare food with a privileged view of nature or a valuable architectural view can become the added value of the project.

What to consider in the design of the kitchen with sink under the window

The presence of natural light can also have a downside that must be taken into account when designing the kitchen. When the sun sets, the risk is that the darkness becomes the protagonist of the kitchen and the eye. To avoid this risk, you can intervene by using colored curtains, which can brighten the look of the kitchen. You can also consider inserting a lighting system in the room that houses the kitchen with the sink under the window, to ensure a good amount of light at all times of day.

Other aspects to evaluate carefully? For example, the size and opening system of the window. In fact, the window must not obstruct the use of the sink. In addition, you must take good measures regarding the height of the furniture and the window. Those who want a kitchen with an under-window sink must keep in mind that, often, traditional windows with a hinged sash are not very suitable, because the sashes risk getting in the way of the taps. On the other hand, sliding, vasistas or guillotine windows are excellent alternatives for those who intend to install a kitchen of this type.

The main disadvantage of a kitchen with an under-window sink compared to a traditional kitchen is the absence of the wall unit normally used to house the dish drainer. In this type of configuration, you can then decide to give up the dish rack completely, replacing it with the dishwasher. Or you can resort to one of the various alternatives available. Which ones? A functional solution involves the installation of a storage drawer under the sink, to be used as a traditional dish rack. Other solutions to consider are countertop dish drains, to be placed on the worktop near the sink when rinsing dishes and cutlery. If you resort to a design model, you can also decide to leave the dish rack visible and consider it to all intents and purposes as a kitchen accessory.

Tailored solutions for designing the perfect kitchen with under-mounted sink

In order to have a kitchen with sink under window that is capable of impressing guests, it is important to take time to design every aspect of the furniture to the best of your ability. In such a configuration, everything or almost everything revolves around the window and this is where you should start for a perfect custom design.

Intervening on the window opening system can change the face and increase the functionality of the kitchen. On the other hand, choosing light colored furniture and diffused lighting can bring out the elegance of the furniture itself and the materials chosen to furnish the room.

Kitchen designs with the sink under the window are ideal for those who love kitchens with a contemporary style and where the balance between functionality and interior design is sought. The versatility of this type of configuration allows you to furnish the room with furniture of various kinds, leaving full freedom to move in a kitchen with minimal lines, vintage taste or rustic look.

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