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Kitchen with side island: an original furnishing choice for a surprising result

Kitchen with side island

A kitchen with a side island is a valid alternative both to linear or corner kitchens and to those with a central island.

Being able to move the island, thus off-centre with respect to the main body of the kitchen, makes it easier to find the perfect configuration for your room. This also makes it possible to create very interesting customised projects.

Why should you choose a kitchen with a side island?

Kitchens with a side island perfectly balance design and functionality. The island can take on an infinite number of shapes and perform multiple functions, making the kitchen a pleasant space to use not only for preparing meals, but also for sharing quality time with family and friends.

Compared to the classic configuration, where the island is installed in the centre of the room, opting for a side island allows you to organise your kitchen with fewer constraints and to find a solution that is almost tailor-made for your decor and needs. Having an off-centre island can often help to create more ergonomic kitchens, in which the functions of preparing meals, washing up and cooking are concentrated in less space and efficiently organised.

Another advantage of kitchens with a side island is their ability to adapt to different environments. A kitchen of this type is perfect for open-plan homes. But it can also be installed in flats and villas without any problems.

The advantages of choosing a kitchen with a side island

Ergonomics is certainly the main advantage of a kitchen with a side island, but it is neither the only nor the most important one. In fact, deciding to install a side island is also a good idea to bring out the design of the kitchen units positioned on the wall. This is because, if the furnishing design is unbalanced, in kitchens with a central island the eyes often focus on the island, while the rest of the kitchen risks being somewhat overshadowed. Moving the island to one side of the room allows you to uncover the furniture and make it the protagonist of the decor.

In addition to the design of the kitchen furniture, it is also the materials chosen that stand out. The fact that the views are distributed rather evenly between the wall units and the side island allows the features of the worktops and the details of the room to be seen. In open-plan kitchens, the side island can also become a resource for defining spaces and delimiting the space in which food is prepared and eaten.

The side island is also more versatile than the central island. You can be more daring with unusual and original shapes, you can insert elements that contrast with the rest of the kitchen and you can create a multifunctional island that can be used in various ways. In addition to standard solutions that use the island as a snack area where you can have breakfast or stop for an aperitif, there are more articulated solutions that make the island the heart of the kitchen, that is, the space where the sink and hobs are concentrated, but also the space where you can eat and talk.

In kitchens with a side island, the island can take on a wide variety of shapes. They range from the classic rectangular shape to L-shapes, spacious and welcoming, to T-shapes, with a more sophisticated and elegant design. A rectangular island is the most classic solution and can adapt to any situation. The L-shape is particularly suitable for large kitchens, while the T-shape can be a smart solution to organise the different functions of the kitchen, even in the narrowest spaces.

How to make a kitchen project with a side island special

There are various solutions that can be adopted to make kitchen projects with a central island special. To choose the best and most suitable ones, it is important to consider the characteristics of the space available. If the kitchen has been created in an open space that extends to the living area, it is essential that the style and colours chosen for the two areas of the house are consistent and reinforce each other.

The structure of the island can also be modified. Depending on the functions it will have to perform, it can be designed with a minimalist design or enriched with drawers, storage compartments, shelves or open modules. Also in this case, it is important to consider the visibility of the island and, consequently, make choices that can enhance its appearance without compromising its functionality.

Choosing a kitchen with a side island is an excellent idea if you are looking for design furniture that is both functional and usable. Thanks to the many possibilities for customisation, it is possible to create tailor-made designs that reflect the specific needs of each individual. By combining materials, colours, styles and designs, everyone can have the ideal kitchen with side island for their home.

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