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Kitchen tables: how to choose the right model for your kitchen?

Kitchen tables

Kitchen tables are certainly one of the most important elements in this room. Depending on how the space is organised, such furniture can serve as a work surface on which to prepare meals or simply be the place where family and friends gather to eat and share time together.

Given the central role they play, choosing kitchen tables correctly can make all the difference in terms of both the style and design of the room and the atmosphere in the room.

What elements should be evaluated to be able to choose the right kitchen table?

When it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen tables for individual locations, it is important to be able to balance both the design and functionality of the specific piece of furniture.

Consequently, among the aspects related to the physical characteristics of the table, its size and shape must be considered. Generally speaking, the table should be proportional to the size of the room and should have a shape that is consistent with those of the other furniture elements in the kitchen.

Kitchen tables

Another useful tip for orientation in the choice? Assessing the height of the kitchen table is also very important: this factor is in fact decisive in defining the comfort of the table and the comfort of diners.

Finally, it is a good idea to take time to evaluate which materials are most suitable for the specific furnishing project. Since the kitchen is generally a hot and humid space, durable and resistant materials such as solid wood or metal are preferred. The choice between the different materials is essentially stylistic and depends on the character you have decided to give the room and how the materials in which the kitchen tables can be made relate to the rest of the furniture.

What are the main advantages of designer kitchen tables?

Kitchen tables

Choosing an attractively designed kitchen table  allows you to give the room an original and sophisticated look. In order to be able to choose the right designer table, it is necessary to carefully evaluate all the characteristics of the product, starting from the shape and materials, through to the colours, finishes and style.

In a large kitchen furnished with furniture with rather canonical lines, one can think of inserting a table with an unusual shape: the contrast between the design of the different elements will create an original result and will help to bring the table to the forefront. In a small kitchen, on the other hand, it is preferable to focus above all on materials and finishes, without distorting the classic rectangular shape of the table too much.

As far as materials to focus on, wooden or metal kitchen tables are always a good choice. Those who prefer to give their kitchens a warm, traditional look can opt for dark wood tables, while aluminium, steel or light wood models are perfect solutions for kitchens furnished in a Nordic style or with contemporary furniture.

Often, what makes the difference in designer kitchen tables are the colours and finishes used. Adding a touch of contrasting colour or original elements such as a special metalwork, the use of curved or carved wood elements makes the table unique and gives the kitchen an intriguing look.

Kitchen tables

What design should be chosen for kitchen tables?

The design of kitchen tables is a very important factor to consider when creating a cosy and comfortable ambience. There are specific criteria to take into account when choosing a table with an attractive design that reflects one’s personal taste and fits perfectly into the surroundings.

The perfect kitchen table must be able to balance practicality and design. In order to be able to find the right compromise between the different characteristics the table must have, it is necessary to assess the specific needs and take into account the objectives of the furnishing project.

If space is a constraint, for example, you can think of a kitchen table integrated in the island or a folding table. If you need a flexible number of places, on the other hand, you could consider installing an extendable table.

Kitchen tables

Based on specific furnishing needs and personal taste, it is possible to assess the convenience of the different solutions available and find the perfect combination of materials, colours, finishes and style.

The most important aspect to consider is that a good harmony is created between the kitchen tables and the rest of the furniture. The balance should also be sought with the colours of the walls and the floor, in order to create a cosy environment in which to spend pleasant moments with family and friends.

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