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Kitchen renovation: how to renovate your kitchen? [Complete guide].

Kitchen renovation

In today’s post we will discuss a very important topic in interior design: kitchen renovation. We will give you an agile guide to make all the best interior design choices and thus understand how to go about furnishing the room where your family’s food is prepared and eaten in the right way.

Indeed, for many people, the kitchen is the beating heart of the home, a place where every element must be studied and designed with great care , to create an environment tailored to the members of the family.

In this sense, when dealing with kitchen renovation, one should make sure that all choices are oriented towards finding the best solutions, so as to be able to express the room’s potential to the full, both in terms of design and functionality.

What is essential to evaluate before starting a kitchen renovation?

In our culture, the kitchen is often regarded as the centre of the home. It is indeed the room where the family gathers to prepare and, many times to share, meals. However, it is also the room where friends and relatives who come to visit are welcomed.

When starting to consider how to renovate the kitchen, the first things to evaluate are the space available and the needs that the design of the room should fulfil.

Starting by considering the functions the kitchen should fulfil is always a good idea. If you want to create a space in the room for eating or socialising, you can, for example, think about installing an island or peninsula or, if there is enough space, a large table.

Naturally, the requirements that emerge during this preliminary analysis phase will influence the layout of the elements and the choice of furniture and appliances. In a small kitchen, for example, it may be necessary to choose compact appliances or multifunctional furniture. On the other hand, if you have a large family or you usually organise dinner parties, when studying the kitchen renovation project, it may be important to establish that you have a separate dining area or even a peninsula, which can be used for food preparation.

Once you have established the functions of the kitchen and analysed the available space, you can start choosing the main kitchen furniture. There are several solutions to consider and they differ depending on the materials used and the configuration of the room.

In general, for kitchen renovation, it is advisable to choose high quality and durable materials, i.e. materials that are able to resist wear and tear and moisture over time. For wall units, solid wood is a choice that guarantees elegance, durability and strength. For worktops, on the other hand, you can opt for marble, ceramic or another natural stone. 

Kitchen renovation

Which style to choose for the kitchen renovation?

Once you have defined the general characteristics that the kitchen furniture should have, you can move on to the choice of design and style of the room. When evaluating the different options available, you should prioritise your preferences. You can create a rustic-looking kitchen or a more contemporary one, without forgetting the timeless classic and modern styles.

When renovating a kitchen, it is essential to balance functionality and aesthetics, without leaning too much towards one of the extremes. In this sense, a kitchen that is extremely elegant but not very functional could be uncomfortable and impractical. Conversely, a functional but poorly designed kitchen would end up creating an uncomfortable and unwelcoming environment.

Also contributing to a cosy and aesthetically pleasing kitchen is the lighting of the room. Having the right amount of natural or artificial light is essential. Following this furnishing logic, it is necessary to evaluate the position of windows and lights and choose lamps and spotlights that can illuminate the most important points of the kitchen in a targeted manner.

Kitchen renovation

How to personalise your kitchen renovation?

Adding a personal touch is essential to create a kitchen that is truly unique and elegant. Structural elements such as ornate partition walls or movable decorations can add style and colour to the room.

A beautiful luxury carpet, for example, creates an elegant and cosy ambience and immediately makes the room more beautiful and functional.

The choice of electrical appliances can also add personality to the location. Opting for visible appliances with ultra-modern lines is a way to emphasise the centrality of technology in the kitchen. On the other hand, choosing appliances with retro lines can be a good way to emphasise the sophistication of the furnishings and one’s passion for design.

The colour scheme in the room is another element that defines its character. For a unique result, focus on balancing the shades used for the furniture and those of the floors, walls and furnishings.

When you make the kitchen renovation, don’t forget to select some unique and original accessories that reflect your taste and fit perfectly into the overall scheme. This could be, for example, an object created by a famous designer, an antique or a custom-made piece of furniture. This is also advice worth considering carefully.

Kitchen renovation
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