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Kitchen recessed handles: how to choose the ideal model for your needs?

Kitchen recessed handles

In contemporary interior design projects, it is quite common to find a Kitchen recessed handles. This type of solution is often used for its practicality and for the clean look it guarantees.

In fact, the presence of a groove opening allows the fronts of the kitchen cabinets to be left free and, at the same time, the recessed handle is practical, easy to clean and also hygienic.

What are the advantages of kitchen recessed handles ?

Most modern and contemporary kitchens have a groove opening instead of an opening with handles. This system allows kitchen cabinets, drawers and baskets to be opened simply by slipping your fingers into an opening at one end of the door. In this way, there is no need to install handles and the front of the furniture appears smooth and clean.

It is precisely the clean aesthetics and simplicity of modern kitchen design that are among the main reasons for the success of fitted kitchens. The greater safety of this solution should also not be underestimated: the absence of protrusions reduces the risk of injury in the event of a fall or collision with the cabinet.

The practicality of groove opening systems is comparable to that of opening with a handle. The possibility of choosing between grooves with profiles of different shapes and sizes makes it easier to find the solution that best suits your home and your habits.

Added to all these advantages of the groove opening system are those specific to steel. Placing a steel profile inside the kitchen furniture gives a sleek and modern look to the room, as well as ensuring an excellent level of cleanliness. In addition, the contrast between the sheen of the metal and the colour of the furniture can give an original look to the furniture. This explains why a kitchen recessed handles is a decision that convinces many.

What types of recessed handles exist and which are the best?

If you love contemporary style kitchens, recessed handle furniture is high on the list of options to consider. But which type of groove is best to choose? There is no one-size-fits-all answer: the individual need must be carefully assessed. Let’s give you some rough criteria, however, so that you can make the ideal choice for you.

Depending on how the cabinet door is structured, a distinction is made between a flat-groove opening and a hollow-groove opening. The first system has a cleaner appearance and allows opening by inserting the hand into a groove cut in the door. If you opt for a hollow-groove system, on the other hand, the groove is located between the cabinet structure and the door.

Both of these profiles are compatible with the use of a wide variety of materials. A kitchen recessed handles blends perfectly with solid wood furniture, with painted furniture, with concrete or natural stone surfaces.

In steel-grooved kitchens, the many advantages of this opening system can be exploited whatever configuration is chosen for the room. Indeed, the groove system enhances the functionality of the various kitchen components, both in linear kitchens and in kitchens with an island and peninsula.

The groove system is also perfect in the presence of built-in appliances, as it guarantees cleanliness and linearity in the aesthetics of the kitchen. 

When to choose a Kitchen recessed handles?

A kitchen recessed handless is perfect for those who are looking for a contemporary style and design kitchen, without neglecting the aspects of functionality and practicality.

Kitchen models with this type of groove can find space both in spacious kitchens, set inside flats and villas, and in large open spaces with an island, bringing together the kitchen and living area in one place.

What’s more: kitchens with recessed handles come in a wide variety of colours. In addition to the light wood models, which are perfect for Nordic-style environments, kitchens in painted wood in pastel colours and with a glossy or textured finish and concrete-effect kitchens, which are a good solution for industrial-style furnishings, are also trendy.

In contemporary kitchens, recessed handles give a strong character to the room and can echo other elements of the room’s décor, such as worktops, burners or visible appliances. If the room has special constraints or you have specific requirements, you can also request a custom-made Kitchen recessed handles .The flexibility of made-to-measure work makes it easy to fit recessed handles into all kitchen components. This is true whether smooth doors, wall units with trapezoidal doors, drawers or practical storage baskets.

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