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Kitchen island with a breakfast bar: how to make the best choice for your case?

A Kitchen island with a breakfast bar is one of the best solutions for those looking for contemporary furniture that is both functional and stylish.

The availability of a snack top that completes and, in some cases, extends the island creates a welcoming space in which to have breakfast or take a break at various times of the day.

When is it advisable to opt for a kitchen island with a breakfast bar?

The models of  Kitchen island with a breakfast bar are perfect for spacious rooms and rooms with an open-plan layout. In kitchens of this type, there is enough space to install a large island, which can serve only as a worktop, supported by a snack top, or it can be an even more functional space and house the sink and/or cooker.

The presence of a snack top increases the functionality of the island, making it fully the centrepiece of the kitchen. In addition to fulfilling a practical function, the snack top is also an excellent means of enhancing the aesthetics of the kitchen and island. In addition, it makes it possible to create beautiful interior design projects.

Depending on the size of the room and the needs of the people living in the house, the snack top can replace the table altogether, or it can be just a small shelf, where a quick meal, such as breakfast or a snack, can be eaten, or where one can stop for a chat with friends while waiting for dinner to be ready.

Kitchens with an island and snack top are versatile and easily customisable solutions. Thanks to the use of various materials and different configurations, customised solutions can be created, allowing you to make the most of the available space and move around in a pleasant and well-organised environment.

What are all the advantages of having an island and a snack top in the kitchen?

The presence of a snack top can really become the added value of a kitchen. The top, in fact, complements the central island or peninsula, making the kitchen space itself even more convivial and sharing-oriented.

In addition, the top can be enhanced with designer stools. With their refined line and colour, these furnishings enhance the room in which meals are prepared and eaten. They also enhance its functionality.

Depending on the shape of the room and the choices made in terms of ergonomics, the best configuration can be identified from the many available. Just to mention a few solutions, the snack top can be located along the short side of the island, effectively representing an extension of it, or be positioned on the long side, at the same level as the island or in a raised position.

In other cases, the snack top may be located off-centre from the central island and be used to separate different areas of the room, such as the food preparation area and the pantry.

What configuration should be chosen for the island with snack top?

In order to choose the right configuration for the kitchen island with a breakfast bar, it is necessary to first evaluate the dimensions of the room and then consider the functions that the various pieces of furniture will be called upon to perform.

In most cases, island and snack top are closely linked and the configuration of the former influences that of the latter, and vice versa. When designing the snack top, in fact, the position and appearance of the island cannot be ignored.

Depending on the structure one decides to give to the snack top, one can have a tabletop without legs, with an extremely linear and clean aesthetic, or one can opt for a tabletop with legs, which in some ways is similar to a table, but with a greater height.

The choice of material with which to make the snack top is perhaps the most important decision to be made. Both the overall appearance of the kitchen and the user experience of the kitchen will depend on this choice. The centrality of this decision is therefore obvious.

One can opt for wood, which is appreciated for its durability and elegant appearance, natural stone, which is solid and hygienic, or technological and modern materials, which replicate the appearance of marble, granite, ceramics or other natural elements.

For the top, you can use the same material as for the rest of the kitchen or you can choose a contrasting solution. In a kitchen with white furniture, you can for example use the snack top to give a touch of colour. Another very common solution is to contrast the colour white with the colour black.

For kitchen interior designers, the island and snack top become central elements, which can add an extra touch of colour to the interior design of the room in which a family’s meals are prepared. It is for this reason that a kitchen island with a breakfast baris a solution that should always be designed in the hands of a true luxury interior design expert.

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