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Kitchen island freestanding: what is it? How do you choose the right configuration for your project?

Kitchen island freestanding

The kitchen island freestanding is a versatile and functional solution often used when you want to create an elegant and modern-looking kitchen .

Choosing this kitchen configuration creates a large work area in the centre of the room that is both functional and decorative. 

What are the advantages of a kitchen island freestanding?

The kitchen island freestanding is a modern and aesthetically appealing solution for organising the space in the home occupied by the kitchen in a functional and elegant way. Compared to other solutions such as a fixed kitchen island, kitchen peninsula or integrated dining table, the kitchen island freestanding offers greater flexibility in deciding the position and configuration of the various pieces of furniture that make up the kitchen.

Furthermore, installing a kitchen island freestanding also means more space for storing food and utensils and more room to work. Not least, a freestanding island also allows you to create a focal point, which attracts the attention of diners.

The flexibility of this type of configuration is perhaps the main advantage of the kitchen island freestanding. Unlike other solutions that require a fixed installation, this type of kitchen island can be easily moved or positioned in different areas of the room, depending on the space and functional requirements that emerge during the design phase  or later. In this way, the kitchen can be efficiently organised even after the first installation and can be adapted to the needs of the family as they evolve over time.

The work surface of the freestanding island is large and allows meals to be prepared and cooked comfortably and efficiently. This option is very useful when furnishing a large kitchen, in which an island with integrated cabinets and drawers can be installed to provide additional storage space for pots, pans and cooking utensils.

It should also not be forgotten that the kitchen island freestanding can become the main focal point of the room. Thanks to its central position and solid structure, the island can both fulfil a decorative function and add a touch of personality and style to the room, and attract the attention of those present. To make the island even more of a protagonist, you can decide to customise its appearance by adding design accessories such as lamps, stools or vases.

Kitchen island freestanding

What are the design alternatives to a kitchen island freestanding?

Although the kitchen island freestanding is a practical and versatile solution, there are other design alternatives that are worth considering, if only to confirm your preference for the freestanding solution.

The first alternative is the fixed kitchen island. Unlike a kitchen island freestanding, in a fixed solution the island is an integral part of the structure of the room and cannot be moved or repositioned at will. Such a configuration may be suitable for large kitchens, however, it requires more care in design and installation, and may be impractical in smaller kitchens.

Another alternative is the kitchen with a peninsula. This extra work surface is integrated into the structure of the kitchen, which is thus open on one side. The kitchen with a peninsula is a good solution if you are looking for a kitchen with ample work space or need a surface to use for breakfast or a quick lunch. Such a solution is useful in kitchens of different sizes, but requires careful space management.

Finally, the idea of installing an integrated dining table in the kitchen can be considered. Such a solution can be useful to better manage space in small kitchens where there is not enough room to install an island or peninsula.

Kitchen island freestanding

How to furnish the kitchen when there is a freestanding island in it?

Successfully integrating the freestanding island into the kitchen requires careful planning and balancing the space management and functional requirements that this room must fulfil. First of all, it must be taken into account that the island should be proportionate in size to the size of the room and should offer sufficient work and storage space.

Then, of course, the kitchen island must be chosen according to the style that inspired the interior design of the room. If you have opted for a classic style, the kitchen island freestanding will probably be made of wood or marble. If, on the other hand, you have chosen a modern style for your kitchen, you can consider models with a minimalist design and made of ceramic, innovative materials or metal for the freestanding island.

Depending on individual preferences, the kitchen island freestanding can be used only as a work surface or as a functional element in food preparation. In the latter case, the island can be equipped with a hob, sink or dishwasher.

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