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Kitchen hoods: How to choose the right model for your kitchen?

Kitchen hoods

Kitchen hoods are an essential element of any room for preparing and eating food. And this applies to kitchens with classic furniture as well as those with a more modern look .

Specifically, the hood performs a very important function because it removes odours and fumes generated during cooking, which can spread to the rest of the house. On the other hand, it is also an important element because it helps to strongly define the design of the kitchen itself.

What types of kitchen hoods exist? Which ones should you consider for your design?

The cooker hood is not only an important functional element within the kitchen, but also has a profound influence on its aesthetics and design. Choosing a hood that at the same time effectively eliminates fumes and odours produced during cooking and succeeds in beautifying the room is always possible.

In kitchens furnished in a modern style, designer hoods, for example, can be fitted above the island or in a wall-mounted kitchen. Those who like the latest technological solutions and minimalist design can also consider kitchen hoods that are fully integrated into the hob.

Designer cooker hoods are popular for their sleek and modern appearance, which can give the room where food is prepared a unique touch of style. These hoods are usually positioned above the central kitchen island ( and end up creating an interesting focal point, which attracts the attention of guests and becomes the focal point of the entire kitchen.

Wall-mounted cooker hoods, on the other hand, are installed directly on the wall above the hob and are ideal for small kitchens, i.e. those where there is not enough space to fit an island and a freestanding hood.

Cooker hoods that are integrated into the hob are a recent and attractive solution. These hoods are usually integrated into high-end hobs and are an ideal choice for modern, minimalist kitchens. This is because they are completely concealed within the hob.

In particular, kitchen hoods integrated are equipped with powerful extraction motors, which guarantee their effectiveness in eliminating the fumes and odours produced when cooking food.

Kitchen hoods

How to choose the right kitchen hood for your furnishing needs?

Of course, choosing the right kitchen hoods model depends on the needs the room has to satisfy and the look you want to give to the environment in which you cook food.

Design solutions are ideal for large kitchens furnished with modern style furniture, while wall-mounted hoods and those integrated in the hob are more suitable for smaller kitchens. Considering the size of the room and the size of the hob is one of the first aspects to consider when choosing the right hood model.

The ideal hood model is the one that can neutralise all the fumes and odours created when cooking food. To assess the ideal extraction power, you should take into account the intensity with which you cook and the type of preparations you make.

Among the aspects on which to base the choice, the noise level of the hood should not be forgotten. Especially if the kitchen is located in an open space or if it overlooks the living area, it is indeed important to keep the noise to a minimum.

Kitchen hoods

How to enhance the kitchen hood with the right lighting?

Choices relating to kitchen hoods lighting are, along with those concerning design, among the most important ones to make. Lighting the hood responds both to functional needs, because it allows you to better see what you are cooking even when you are far from the main light source in the room, and to a stylistic need, because it helps make the atmosphere in the kitchen more elegant and welcoming.

In modern kitchens, it is common to use LED lights or spotlights integrated in the hood. The former is preferable to keep energy consumption low, while the latter is ideal if you need to concentrate more light in the cooking area.

The temperature of the lights is another important factor to consider. In a kitchen furnished in a contemporary style and where there is a metal hood, a cold light is the most suitable solution. On the other hand, in a kitchen with wooden furniture, in natural tones or treated with natural paints, it is preferable to use warmer lights, which go better with the spirit of the room.

In general, kitchen hoods lighting should be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Choosing the right type of light can add a touch of style to the cooking and eating room to create the perfect atmosphere for cooking and entertaining family and guests.

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